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Introduction: Newspaper Dress

Hello There!

Here's an instructable of the newspaper dress I made a long time ago. Now I finally made a step by step walthrough of how I made this, yay!

What you will need:

  1. Newspaper
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue
  4. Shoelace or fabric stap
  5. Sewing pins
  6. A mannequin
  7. A lot of patience

I hope you enjoy this!

Step 1: Paper Straps

You have to start by making a lot of paper straps.

Take your newspaper and your glue. Lay your newspaper down on the floor and fold it in half. Put some glue on the edges. Fold it again, and again and again until it is about 1 cm wide. Don’t forget to put some glue between every fold.

Make lots and lots of these straps!

Step 2: Making the Bodice

Start making the bodice.

Grab your sewing pins and one of the straps you have just made. Put it vertically on your mannequin and pin it down. (picture 1)

Grab another strap and pin it down horizontally just above hip height. Pin it down on the back. (picture 2)

The third strap is gone go below the bust. (picture 2) On my first try I did it differently, I see now. I put two straps from under the bust down to the hip strap. I think that would be prettier, so I recommend you to do that too. (picture 3)

Grab another two straps and pin it above the breast and make it go below the arm to the back. (picture 4 & 5)

Now we’re going to see some form already. The next to straps need to go above the breast, down to the core of the bodice. (picture 6)

The next strap is going to be place between the last two straps you’ve pinned down. (picture 7)

You can make the bodice more firm by attaching a little more straps in between the others. I put some more on the back to secure the others.

If you like what you see now, you can start by gluing the straps together. Make sure you don’t glue it to you mannequin!

Step 3: Filling the Bodice

Now you can start by filling up you bodice to cover it up. I used a different newspaper for this and over the years it has colored differently, but I like it that way.

You need more straps, pick out the ones with beautiful patterns on it. Glue them on the bodice. I started one the bust, then made straps from the middle to the back, layering them horizontally. The final step was to make the straps on the front of the bodice. Start from the sides and work to the middle. Let the straps curve to each other so you get a nice silhouette.

Step 4: Making the Skirt

Now thebodice is done you can start by making the skirt.

Start by gluing two sheets of newspaper together. Make sure you use a large newspaper (not the tabloid size, that would be to small).

We’re gone make some ruffles now!

Start folding the newspaper, turn it around and fold it back. Make sure you’re next fold jumps out a little, if you know what I mean. Every fold should be approximately 2 cm wide. And there should be about 0,5 cm between the first fold and the next.

I didn’t measure it exactly, but maybe it will be neater if you do.

Make a lot of folds, if you need more newspaper , than glue on another sheet.

You are finished when the skirt can go all around your mannequin. On the picture, mine is not long enough! Make it really long.

Glue the skirt on top of your shoelace.

If you have
done this, there’s only one step left to finish the folding of the skirt. Take your ruffles and start folding them back to the next fold. But not all the way down, just a couple of centimeters. (picture)

Go all the way around the skirt. This will give the skirt something extra.

Step 5: Attach the Skirt to the Bodice

Attach the skirt to the bodice. I glued it all together, but I guess there are many other creative solutions for it.

Let this all dry!!

I still want to make a zipper in it, but haven’t done it yet.


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    love the idea, love how the dress turned out!!

    I am building this for a school project. We have to build an object made out of trash.

    (But not used, nasty stuff.) It's going to be awesome!

    This is such a beautiful project! I would love to see more of the dress in the thumbnail image (the small image that represents your project on a page of many other instructables) to show off the skirt too. If you are interested in doing that but don't know how, I'm an Instructables content creator and can help you! Just let me know. Great job!!

    Adorable! Wouldn't it be fun to have a paper wedding where everything but the cake was made of paper? Can you design a paper wedding dress?

    2 replies

    you could make the paper look like newspaper with edible ink and stamps

    Great idea!

    The design is absolutely lovely, good job!

    It is a wonderful project!

    I had one questions only. Is this dress for wearing or just for decorating?

    3 replies

    My sister wore it one, I have to have a picture somewhere

    You'd have to walk to the party! ?

    From experience I can tell you the bodice can be worn and re-worn, but the skirt will get thrashed if you have to get in and out of a car for example.

    Creative, lovely, beautiful, and beautifully executed. Please tell us you are gainfully employed in the fashion design world!

    So I'm really not dresses myself but this one was so cool that I had to make a comment! Great work

    1 reply

    I am loving this piece. Able to be worn with an added medium for the softening of the paper & a more fabric feel. I am onboard with this idea. Great work. Recycle to upcycle is always a positive.

    Once the zipper's in, can it be worn? That'd be so cool if so! Nice design, and steps