Newspaper Hat!





Introduction: Newspaper Hat!

This is how to make an awesome newspaper hat!

Step 1: First Folds

first thing you need to do is fold down the top corners to the middle, like the pics below

Step 2: Fold and Flip

in this step you will have to fold up part of the newspaper, then flip it over.

Step 3: Bring in and Tuck

for this step, bring in the sides to the middle, bring them farther away for the middle if you have a bigger head. then bring the bottom left and right corners up to the crease, then tuck that section into the crease.

Step 4: Folding Down

Then fold the top down into the pocket you made

Step 5: Open and Tuck

Then open it flat, and tuck the sides in.

Step 6: Open It

then open up the hat

Step 7: Style It!

Wear the hat and show the world your true coolness!



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    Wha....? sorry, but REALLLY confusing on my understanding. any1 else?

    no offense but, how big is your head? cause that hat didn't fit my head

    In step 3, fold the sides farther from the middle if you have a bigger head

    annoying can't figure out what to do.

    I'm going to a Mad Hatter's Tea Party (stork party) and after jazzing it up with a few paper flowers, this is the mad hat I'm going in. How mad is that? Thanks for the brilliant design.

    Nice hat!

    this was great. Our 3rd grade reading story, The Printer, from Macmillan/Mcgraw-Hill, featured this type of hat. We made it in class and the kids loved them.