Today I am going to show you my experience in making "Newspaper Nails" which I, personally, think is really awesome!

The tutorial I used is from Youtube; "Newspaper Nail Art" from a channel called "Cute Polish" (which I really like because the designs they make are simple, yet look fancy and professional).

I almost followed the tutorial exactly, though instead of dipping my nails in the rubbing alcohol, I put some alcohol on a tissue, placed the newspaper segment on top of my nail, and then pressed the alcohol soaked tissue over the newspaper on my nail for 15-20 seconds. Now that I think about it, I would use a cotton ball instead.

For those of you whom don't enjoy clicking on links, all you have to do is;
1. Paint a base coat of white or light grey. (I used white, because the ink sorta makes it look grey anyways...)
2. Place a segment of newspaper (with a nice word, maybe?) on your nail.
3. Press a rubbing alcohol soaked (not literally, just like when you put it on top and flip the bottle) tissue or cotton ball on top for 15-20 seconds.
4. Carefully peel off both the newspaper and the tissue/cotton ball.
5. Allow to dry for around 1 minute.
6. Add a clear coat on top.

Sorry for all the similar pictures (not really), but I just love macros because they look so fabulous and really show off.. everything!

Thanks, and I hope you try out this design.
If you do, please post a picture in the comments!

(by the way, it seems I didn't do a very good job..)
ashbegash3 years ago
I tried this and it is really cute!
tqwerty (author)  ashbegash3 years ago
Post a pic?
I don't have it on anymore but
I might try again. :)

oh to "BAD"

_angel_1 year ago
Do u let the white/grey coat dry first??!!
_angel_1 year ago
Do u let the white/grey coat dry first??!!
what else can i use instead of alcohol..nd should i let the white coat dry first before applying the cotton ball???
Wow this is so cool plz follow me
tqwerty (author)  khushi_loves_art1 year ago
Thanks :)
Wow!!follow me
cwnash711 year ago
Thanks! I've seen the tutorials before but like your idea of applying the alcohol using a cotton ball-seems like you'd have more control over design placement
Do you have to let the base white dry first? Cuz i just tried it after it dried & the rubbing alcohol ruined the white nail polish
Thanks I did this one today. So cute. But I had trouble with the topcoat making the letters smear a bit. I need to practise that, I guess.
tqwerty (author)  dandylioness3 years ago
Cool :D
Thanks for trying it!
shadowfeet3 years ago
This is so cool! I'll have to try it tonight! ; )
janeeeypie3 years ago
Instead of rubbing alchohol, I just used mouthwash (Listerine), and it worked just as good!
tqwerty (author)  janeeeypie3 years ago
Great idea! Sounds like it might be less damaging to your nails too, and it smells nice :D
A friend of mine said that it also works well with vodka or other alcoholic beverages.
sunshiine3 years ago
Love, love, love this! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a splendorous day!
tqwerty (author)  sunshiine3 years ago
No problem.
Thanks for reading and following!
kitwah3 years ago
These look great! Such a good idea. But what is rubbing alcohol? :-)
tqwerty (author)  kitwah3 years ago
uhhh, isopropyl rubbing alcohol..? I don't know how to explain.
You can buy it at almost any drugstore.
kitwah tqwerty3 years ago
I checked right after i wrote that message; in the Uk its sugical spirit which sounds much less friendly I think! Thanks, Im going to try it out once I find my white nail polish...
tqwerty (author)  kitwah3 years ago
Surgical Spirit is scary..