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Introduction: Newspaper Nails

Today I am going to show you my experience in making "Newspaper Nails" which I, personally, think is really awesome!

The tutorial I used is from Youtube; "Newspaper Nail Art" from a channel called "Cute Polish" (which I really like because the designs they make are simple, yet look fancy and professional).

I almost followed the tutorial exactly, though instead of dipping my nails in the rubbing alcohol, I put some alcohol on a tissue, placed the newspaper segment on top of my nail, and then pressed the alcohol soaked tissue over the newspaper on my nail for 15-20 seconds. Now that I think about it, I would use a cotton ball instead.

For those of you whom don't enjoy clicking on links, all you have to do is;
1. Paint a base coat of white or light grey. (I used white, because the ink sorta makes it look grey anyways...)
2. Place a segment of newspaper (with a nice word, maybe?) on your nail.
3. Press a rubbing alcohol soaked (not literally, just like when you put it on top and flip the bottle) tissue or cotton ball on top for 15-20 seconds.
4. Carefully peel off both the newspaper and the tissue/cotton ball.
5. Allow to dry for around 1 minute.
6. Add a clear coat on top.

Sorry for all the similar pictures (not really), but I just love macros because they look so fabulous and really show off.. everything!

Thanks, and I hope you try out this design.
If you do, please post a picture in the comments!

(by the way, it seems I didn't do a very good job..)



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    I tried this and it is really cute!

    Post a pic?

    I don't have it on anymore but
    I might try again. :)

    Do u let the white/grey coat dry first??!!

    Do u let the white/grey coat dry first??!!

    what else can i use instead of alcohol..nd should i let the white coat dry first before applying the cotton ball???