Newspaper Shoes





Introduction: Newspaper Shoes

Here's a fun way to revamp a plain pair of old shoes!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
-A pair of shoes that you're willing to cover (I used a pair that I found at a garage sale)
-newpapers (or magazines)
-hot glue gun
-ModPodge (optional)

Step 2: Create the Folds

Cut out a chunk of newpaper. The size doesn't need to be a specific length, just as long as it's big enough to cover one side of the shoe. Fold each strip accordian-style; as if you're making a paper fan.

Step 3: Attach the Folds

Glue the strips of paper onto the shoes with a hot glue gun. This step involves some improvising. Your technique for attaching the paper might give you a different result than mine, but that's what makes each pair of shoes unique! The most important thing is that your paper is attached neatly and tightly, completely covering the shoe. I also used ModPodge on top of the paper to add extra shine. You can also use a sealer for more protection. My word of advice is to never wear these shoes on wet days!

Step 4: Flower Addition

I created the flowers by combining groups of 3 petals. This is another step that you can make your own. I recommend using layers of petals to give your flowers more depth.

Step 5: Presto! New Shoes!



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    Awesome idea!

    wow , the shoes is very very nice , i like it very much . i bought one pair from this website , the shoes is very comfortable to wear : Toms women

    I love these! What a fun idea for a party or other indoor occassion :)

    1 reply

    If you varnish them they'd be glossy AND water resistant!

    I'm making these tomorrow! I have the perfect black pumps and TONS of newspapers in the recycle bin! Thank you for the inspiration!

    a dress to go with your shoes ;)

    2 replies

    I love it! That must have taken SO much time!