Newspaper Trick





Introduction: Newspaper Trick

Here is a really cool newspaper trick that takes a standard sheet of newspaper and makes into a cool sword looking thing.

Step 1: Prepare the Paper

Get two sheets of newspaper. Lay them next to each other and tape the seam.

Step 2: Roll Up the Paper

Roll up the entire sheet into a big tube and tape it so it holds.

Step 3: Cut

Now, cut slits in the end about 4 inches into the tube. Make them go all around the raduis of the tube. Refer to the picture for how to do it. TIm chose to use a machete and block of wood to make the process much faster. Scissors will work as well.

Step 4: Finish

Now, pull the end of the paper outwards. You can also whip the paper down, but that will only work if you rolled up the newspaper loosely. A big funny looking party decoration type thing is made. What you do with it is up to you...but I chose to model mine with my hat. Perhaps this will help me pillage a village.



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    Did you find this in How to make fibblers? I love that book.

    looks more like a torch or something, but still, its awesome. GREAT INSTUCTABLE!!!!!!

    you're just a small blade and green tights away from peter pan :P That picture does look rather... pannish :P

    I was thinking Captain Morgan

    i made mine out of 3 and it was huge i wonder what 5 would do

    mrbob1000, you seem like your allways online. I am a lot too.

    i have no life thats why im on always

    I'm allways on because it's summer vacation and I want somthing to make but you can't buy anything in Canada.