Picture of Newspaper on Fire
      I know there may be other variation of this project already mad but this is a simple and cheap way. Since this project was cheaply made it may not be 100% accurate, because the compression was just a simple and cheap way to do it. Inferring that you had a very strong compressing machine then the results would be more accurate.
                     Hi I am 13 and this is a project I had to make for school. The point of this project was to find a problem ans solve it. So I created "Newspaper on Fire." There is a PDF attached to this. It will help understanding the project, and show  you the results of the experiment. When I was origianally making this project I was thinking "How can I get newspaper to not burn?" I also thought "How can I get this to be used in cheap house making?"So I thought of the idea of compression. When I was making this project I was actually really surprised how much couuld fit in the wooden frame of my project. In the picture above is how newspaper would burn alone.
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Step 1:

First I used leftover newspaper and shredded it through a paper shredder. I use a straight cut shredder not a cross cut.

Step 2:

Picture of
Now is time to compress the newspaper into a block. One method was by putting weights on the frame and the other method was to clamp down the frame.
wilgubeast2 years ago
Nice. Wikipedia bears out your results.
arsha72128 (author)  wilgubeast2 years ago
Thank you.