Newton’s Gravity Defying Puzzle - 3D Print





Introduction: Newton’s Gravity Defying Puzzle - 3D Print

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This puzzle was dropped off on my desk last week. The "rocket" is placed in the cup. You must remove it without dumping it out or using tools (paper clips, tape, etc.). The problem is that there is no place to grab the rocket. How do you get it out? See video at the end if you can't figure it out.

I usually make projects from wood but I don't have a lathe. Therefore, I opted for a 3D print with dimensions taken from the wood version. The CAD files are included in the last step.

Step 1: Wood Version

I took the dimensions off the actual parts to create the CAD files. The wood version can be purchase here.

Step 2: Part Drawings

I included drawings in case someone wants to make the parts out of wood.

Step 3: 3D Print

The white/magenta version is printed. Both versions worked the same.

Step 4: CAD Images

Have you mentally figured it out yet?

Step 5: Video Solution

Step 6: CAD and STL Files

I included STEP along with the STL files in case you want to modify the dimensions.

Enjoy your rocket!



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    16 Discussions

    Press the tip of your finger on the top and lift the rocket out that way

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    Piece of maple and a piece of mahogany 45 minutes at the wood lathe, thanks

    1 reply

    I figured someone with a lathe would make it. Have you tried it out on anybody yet?

    My first guess before seeing the "solutions" (which kinda violate the no tools rule) was to use your mouth to blow it out OR (assuming its clean) just get some suction going with your lips and kinda suck it out.


    1 year ago

    Nice little object. But isn't an air compressor technically a tool? The vendor of this device just blows on it with his mouth.

    Great Minds - Newton Solution - YouTube :

    This demonstrates Bernoulli's principle, so I don't see where the 'Newton' comes in.


    1 year ago

    I actually thought about both those options to remove the "rocket". Interesting though.

    3 replies

    I've tried it on about 25 people. Only 2 people initially went to the blowing route. Most people asked a lot of questions like:

    Can I dump it out? No

    Must it stay on a flat surface? Yes

    Can I spin it? Yes as long as the bottom doesn't leave the table

    Can I use paper, tape, tools, etc? No

    Can I bang on the table from below? Yes, but assume the table is heavy

    Can I suck it out? Maybe, but that would be nasty after 10 other people tried it.

    One person actually shoved his thumb on the top of the cone for 30 seconds and pulled it up real quick. He was able to get it out with this method.

    The fastest way is definitely to blow on it. Sorry for using an air compressor in the video. It was readily available.

    I thought of the water method almost right away, but then assumed it would be considered a 'tool'.

    Yeah, water could be considered a tool. The real answer is to blow on it. I added the water method for anyone that wanted to get into a buoyancy discussion.

    Here's a variation you can make at home.

    You can make him/her one if you have access to a 3D printer. You can also purchase it online.

    Blowing on it is the answer. I used an air compressor for convenience.