I've seen the store bought headphone hoodie and I just can't get into having the hood strings running into my ears like some kind of "arrow through the head" magic trick.  I don't mean to be critical but they do look goofy.  Anyway, I decided to make one for myself that looks natural, is machine washable, and has the option of either open sound or earbuds for private listening.  Another thing I wanted for this was an inside pocket for my MP3 or minidisk player.  I realllllly hate it when my player falls out of my shallow pocket while I'm working.  It's hard on my player and ruins my mood.  UPDATE- In the end, I had to use this pocket for a little power unit that powers my speakers, but you may find it nice to hold your MP3 player.
  So this is what I came up with and I'm so happy with it that I thought I'd share.  It doesn't require any sewing so if you can't sew and don't want to experiment, you can use snaps which are very easy to put together.   Keep in mind when you make your choice that the sewing is only one option and it's fairly simple.  Sewing a few particular peices will make the system virtually unnoticeable to you when wearing the hoodie, the snaps are just a bit more bulky.
  Another thing to think about is that once built, this system will be quickly adaptable to the next hoodie you buy (I tend to go through them rather fast), you will just need to put a few snaps into your new hoodie.
  For anyone who watches the video,  I wanted to explain that the volume on the speakers was down half way so I could talk over it.  I was very impressed with the sound out of those small speakers, and would recommend them for this project.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

  Here is a list of things you will need.  There are a couple options on materials because there are several ways to go about making this.  If you want minimal sewing, using snaps will work just as well; if you don't mind a little sewing, the Velcro will be almost invisible.  You could also use buttons, but that's a style choice.

- Hammer
- Scissors
- sewing machine- optional

- Hoodie
- Headphone extension cord at least two feet long
- Earphones
- Ipod Speaker Case-  Found at Best Buy for $12.95
- Electrical tape
- 12 DIY snaps- Found at Walmart, $4.95 for 8
- 1 square foot of fabric
- needle and thread- optional
- Velcro strips- optional
This is awesome
<p>Thanks a lot., glad you like it. It's great to have, you should try it. Hey by the way, I hope you understood that I was kidding about your leash. It's very well done, I just thought it was funny that it was on such a small dog. </p>
Yah I understood and the speaker hoodie is an awesome idea
this looks great! I agree 100% with your design goals.
Thanks, you're always so nice. I've been wearing it around, I feel like a walking party, lol.

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