Introduction: Nexus 10 Stand... of DOOM!

Picture of Nexus 10 Stand... of DOOM!

Use your otherwise toss able packing.
Tape and glue free!

Step 1: Your Nexus 10 Box

Picture of Your Nexus 10 Box

This is it.
Look at it.
Revel in it.

This is your box, there are many like it, but this one is yours.

Step 2: Open It...

Picture of Open It... one does with boxes fairly often.

Unless you happened to be named Pandora.
Then don't ever open your box.


Step 3: The Base

Picture of The Base

It are belong to you.

We'll be using the lid of the box as our base, as everything else will fit IN the box.

Step 4: Accessories Box Insert

Picture of Accessories Box Insert

Take it out.
Because I said so.

Or not... you rebel, you.

Step 5: Box-ception

Picture of Box-ception

You now have an open box inside an open box.
Good for you.

Step 6: Insert

Picture of Insert

Place the insert from the little box, perpendicular to and inside the lid.
This will act as a spacer for the other half of the box to prevent it from sliding too far forward and falling into the lid.

Step 7: Remove Insert

Picture of Remove Insert

No, not the one we just put inside the lid, that would be counter-productive.
Take the OTHER insert out of the main box.

Put it aside, we won't be needing it.
It has no purpose here.

Use it for another project.
Or burn it.

Step 8: Oh, and Those Too

Picture of Oh, and Those Too

Remove the two secondary "wall" inserts in the box.
We don't need those either.

Step 9: Flip It. Stick It.

Picture of Flip It. Stick It.

Place the other box half inside the base as it would be inside the lid, if the box were upside down of course.
The lip closest to you (of the flipped box) should sit inside the insert's front gap.
The insert should prevent the box from sliding all the way forward.

Step 10: Little Help From a Little Friend

Picture of Little Help From a Little Friend

Inside the little box is an insert that the wall charger was originally in.
Squish it flat.

Step 11: Last Bit

Picture of Last Bit

Place the squished insert up against the inside closet wall of the lid.
It will stick up from the base and this will act as the catch from the bottom edge of your tablet.

Step 12: Congratulations!

Picture of Congratulations!

You now have an elegant, up-cycled stand that preserves the quality of the box while making your tablet more desk- and lap-friendly.