Picture of Nexus 7 Stand... OF DOOM!
So you just spent $200 or $250 on a swanky new tablet.
But you forgot something, didn't you?
You forgot the stand (or you spent the last of your money on the tablet without budgeting for accessories).

In my case, I didn't realize how necessary a stand would be until I laid my tablet flat on my desk and proceeded to hover over the screen like a disembodied chicken, pecking away at the keyboard, trying to search the web.

My brother sent me his clever idea for a makeshift stand with supplies you almost surely have (unless you have already tossed your box or burned it or fed it to your pet goat, Charlie).
However, I I have limited desk space and the box, albeit sturdy, is a bit bulkier than I'd like.

So I came up with this!

All you need is the slip case from the original box, a ruler (or straight edge) and a box cutter or similar blade.
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this is very resourceful! do you do a lot of other papercraft?
CapraRoyale (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
Well thank ya'!

I did papercraft for a while, but haven't touched it in the past few years.
I've since downsized in living space, so any papercraft I do will be for that of functional use.

Or summoning Cthulu.