Picture of Nice Origami Icosahedron
dodecahedron2 017.jpg
dodecahedron2 018.jpg
dodecahedron2 001.jpg
Ever since I've started origami, I've always been looking forward to building something great; like a swan, made with a ton of pieces. Not just cranes and stars. But, even though it's not that great, I'm proud of this creation. Meet the origami icosahedron. People with some skill and experience should do this easily. Others may have a hard time. I first did while connecting all the pieces together. All 30 of them. But we'll get to that in later steps. You ready? Start!
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Step 1: Materials and Requirements

Picture of Materials and Requirements
dodecahedron2 002.jpg
Like mentioned before, you shouldn't take this on unless you're experienced and somewhat skilled. I know I sound professional, but I'm not. :(. Though I'd like to be. :). Anyways, you're gonna need 30 sheets of square paper. Like in my other origami Instructables, (check 'em out!) I would suggest you just get squares because you're gonna be spending half the time with the scissors. >:(. To save time and trees, use square sheets. And multi-colored, preferably.

Step 2: Foldings Uno

Picture of Foldings Uno
dodecahedron 017.jpg
dodecahedron 018.jpg
dodecahedron 019.jpg
dodecahedron 020.jpg
I'm not even gonna spend time of good titles, basic is best :).

1. Start with your sheet of paper. Fold it in half.
2.  Fold the two halves inward like so.
3.  Fold into a triangle shown so the top left tip meets the inward fold's bottom edge, and same on opposite side.
4. Folded pic of ^^^.
5. Make folds according to pic notes. (Easier)

Moomoomilk4 years ago
Actually, its an icosahedron, only with faces that are convex pyramids. A figure created via lines connecting the tops of the pyramids would be a dodecahedron, though.

I've done similar stuff for a year or so. Check this for a bunch of models to try out, a good amount come with diagrams!
novakfor3 (author)  Moomoomilk4 years ago
Thanks for correcting me! Just changed the title and added another pic.