Introduction: Nice Freaky Goggles for Halloween and Nice Party's

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On the cheap,
1$ for the goggles(made in china),
an old nylon bag,
an swimming goggles head band,
Lots of cutting and drilling tools(Dremel, scissors, cutter, sandpaper, etc...),
some screws,
Patience for 4 to 6 hours.

Step 1:

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Get those chineese soldering goggles for a dolar

Step 2:

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Disassemble them

Step 3:

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All of the parts

Step 4:

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Now it's time to grab your dremel and start cutting all apart.

Step 5:

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You should end up like that

Step 6:

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Drill some attach points for the straps
Ok here is an option, up to you, but it looks kind of funny too, i drilled holes on the mount to place some screws(in my case 4), to swivel the fore mount.
It's a good moment to clean those cuts and prepare the frame to cover it with some nylon textile.

Step 7:

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Glue the frames to the nylon, let them dry, and then cut the excess, so your face won´t be hurt using them

Step 8:

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place the straps and figure out the right measure for your head on the nose strap, then glue it

Step 9:

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Glue time, start to wrap every bit of the frames with nylon textile, it's a kind of tricky, but it's what it gives the "Pro" touch

Step 10:

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Still have to clean some of the cut's, i used a lighter to smooth everything out, also drilled the lenses with tiny holes, i it's a good moment to draw a nice pattern for the holes on the lenses, mine were to fast to think about that!

Step 11:

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Nylon covering complete!

Step 12:

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And this is what you should get after all the work done!!! Nice halloween, Trance party's etc....


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