<strong>I LOVE IT</strong>
Absolutely perfect! It's what i was looking for! <strong>Thanks alot!! </strong>
fantastic idea!!
= love the videos golics = except please make them a little slower if you can :)
hey nice...but just telling if u can't make it slower then try to zoom in the please...tq
That is so<br/><h2> Freaking Cool !</h2>
<h2> You rock, Golics!!!</h2>
<h2>GOLICS, YOU RULE!</h2><br/>I wish I was as awesome as you. :P<br/>+1 rating.<br/>
Yo Gorilla, how'd you make that text so LARGE?
Put an equal sign, space, then your word(s), space, then equal sign again.<br/><br/>Example: = Eggs =<br/><br/>That comes out like this:<br/><br/><h2> Eggs</h2>
Thank you :):):):):)
Can you try to make a paper thingy that has to do with <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.kraftfoods.com/claussen">Pickles</a> ???<br/>
nice! +1
Here's one I made for Valentine's Day with a red LED--it's pressure sensitive on the top. I'm going to gift it filled with chocolates. Thanks for the great instructable! <3
Nice idea with LED :)
Yes,all your videos are very instructive and excellent realised!Go on!

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