Introduction: Nicer Thread Box With Me Doing Things My Way Two Times

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There's nothing very interesting in this instructable: I'm just decorating a shoebox in which I'm holding some of my spools with threads. I'm reusing some materials... yeah... Weather is fine.

Step 1:

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Did you know that octopuses have 3 hearts, 9 brains and their blood is blue? Uhm... anyway, those new shoes are often wrapped in thin tissue-like paper. It's ok for decorating stuff. PVA glue will do... I like octopuses.

Step 2:

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Than I'm glueing pieces of... those cuttlefish are cool too... oh... pieces of cardboard to the interior of the box. Do not throw larger cut-off pieces - they can hypnotize their prey with their color changing display.

Step 3:

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Use them to cut 8 circles. Take some circular thing and use it as as a template. Cut with scissors... I'm doing it my way.

Step 4:

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Bend those circles in two. Then once more. Punch a centre out and cut one side.

Step 5:

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Oh, you know, what else is cool? Those things, you put into your cup to make it not smell like cats after you... oh it doesn't matter. Fold circles by the creases to form corners and glue them to the box.

Step 6:

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I kind of like how that tissue papper gets partially translucent on the surface revealing original color of the box. I didn't like that the logo is visible though, so I fixed it.

Step 7:

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Now it's time to cut those paper rolls into equal sections. You can use hobby knife or scissors. I did it my way.

Step 8:

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Anyway... Those cats can shoot a cloud ink when are threatened. And they're using the same part of their body that is also used for both: breathing and glueing sheets of tissue to the tube segments.

Step 9:

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Use glue gun to connect cats into desirable structure.

Step 10:

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To upgrade my new looking box even further I'm making pincussion.

Step 11:

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I'm making it hard at parts and soft at other parts.

Step 12:

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And containing it within a piece of fabric.

Step 13:

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But I'm forgeting about cucumbres... Here's nice video about cucumbers: VIDEO

Step 14:

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Anyway, I have a nice box now. This is it for your attention, thank you for now and nice a have flamingo albatros.

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KVSBUNNY (author)2017-10-14

not so sure about the cucumber vid, but nice to have octopus and kin recognized, good use of reclaimed materials. I think the thread in my drawer are agitating for a similarly elegant lounge, but I'm ignoring them at present

Waldemar Sha (author)KVSBUNNY2017-10-14


hiwakoo (author)2017-10-14

I like octopusses too, do you know Otto and Viktoria? The box is really nice and would make a good present for sewing friends.

Waldemar Sha (author)hiwakoo2017-10-14

I don't know Otto and Victoria. Who are they?

Swansong (author)2017-10-10

That's a cute storage option :)

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