This is a glider that is like a kite wing. Now guys don't worry!!!!!! This is not going to fly like a glider but it flies like a kite wing. The airtime I got with this was 2 seconds at most, but when it's windy it's a great buggy kite.

Step 1: Build It!!!!!!!

It is very simple. Get your bamboo or pvc and prepare for a 12hr build. First get 2 12 pieces and lay them across. Then add 12 6 ft pieces in between for ribs(aerodynamic shape). Add the tarp underneath the wing. Then add a tail for stability then your done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 2: Flying

Get a good 15mph wind on a hill and run and jump off. The glider will float there for a second then stall(remember it's about 3ft off the ground).
<p>tarps have little holes in them if u use two table cloths it works better</p>
@tomatoskins i should be getting a 4.5 m kite and mabe a 6m if i get a 6 m im making into a speedflying wing. the nicwel glider is almost a parashute too.
<p>This thing never flew. It is not real. There are so many things blatantly wrong with this thing it's not even funny.</p>
<p>this is ingenious. I want to make one.</p>
Richharris it's not a heavy frame
<p>I look forward to your next instructable,</p><p>'Field Triage, How to splint broken bones'</p><p>:)</p>
<p>This is so fun! Are you going to try to refine your design to make your "flight" last longer?</p>

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