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Introduction: Nicwell Glider

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This is the nicwell kite and upgrade from the bamboo glider. It is bigger and better and very affordable Under 50$. The kite can be used to "float" as its called, a kind of gliding but very slow because your going against the wind. The longest I was in the air was about 2 or 3seconds. You can use it for kite bugging or anything kiting in general. If you need any additional help comment.

Step 1: Building Process.

It is very similar to the last kite, but on a larger scale.

Materials: bamboo (or aluminum), ductape, zipties, tarp, woodglue, metal wire.

The wingspan is 17ft and it is 7ft wide.

Step 2: Flying

Get at least a good 15mph wind on a hill and run into the wind. The glider will float there for a second then bring you safly to the ground (remember it's about 3ft off the ground).



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    This is so fun! Are you going to try to refine your design to make your "flight" last longer?

    3 replies

    uh, what do you mean by flight?

    sounds like fun

    tarps have little holes in them if u use two table cloths it works better

    @tomatoskins i should be getting a 4.5 m kite and mabe a 6m if i get a 6 m im making into a speedflying wing. the nicwel glider is almost a parashute too.


    This thing never flew. It is not real. There are so many things blatantly wrong with this thing it's not even funny.

    I suggest your comment is slightly off point. This project is for fun not for wisdom.

    I look forward to your next instructable,

    'Field Triage, How to splint broken bones'