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Introduction: Nida's Garden

I love to garden!  I started planting here ever since I moved here 2 years ago and ever since then I continue to work in my garden as much as I can.



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    Hello! i really enjoyed the pictures! You're garden is very beautiful! I'm sure you will win! :)

    Lovely, what type of fruit do yo have growing?
    (ps you can post your doggy pictures here if you'd like,they are really cute.)

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    I have guava, pomelo, and papaya growing.:))

    Wow that is so beautiful! I wish I had a green thumb like yours! How large is your field? I've always wanted to learn how to harvest.

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    BiG thank you to you!!! Its about 6000+ sq ft.

    You have an expanse of what Fukuoka called "green concrete" bordered by a beautiful, useful garden.

    Why not get rid of the useless grass? Lawns use more chemicals, energy and manpower than does even commercial agriculture. And their roots are so shallow that they do virtually nothing for the soil. What a waste. Food, not lawns!

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    Thank you for the suggestion!..:))