Step 2: Time to Start!

Picture of Time to Start!
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What you need:

Bike (preferably a fixie bike because it is much easier to paint, with fewer parts to keep track of!)
Bike assembly/disassembly tools
Y Allen Wrench (If you ever need just one tool to disassemble a bike, this is it! It was really useful)
Nylon String
Masking Tape
Paint Brush
Spray Paint Primer (at least 2 bottles)
Spray Paint White Flat (at least 3 bottles)
Phosphorescent Paint (at least 8 ounces total for the bike, but you can choose more than one color if you'd like-for example I used 4 ounces of green for the frame and 4 ounces of blue for the tires)
Spray Paint High Gloss Clear Overcoat (Gotta protect what you already painted! You don't want your hard work to go to waste.)
Helmet (ALWAYS wear a helmet when riding a bike, this is about safety after all)