Night Finder Mod





Introduction: Night Finder Mod

     I bought a new NERF Night Finder and was shooting things when I noticed that when I put streamline darts in it didn't fire much farther than a foot. I created this mod to be able to fire every type of dart out of the NERF Night Finder.

     I brain stormed ideas why the dart wouldn't fit into the barrel, and then I found out the inner part of the streamline dart tip was longer than the suction darts.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
NERF Night Finder
NERF Streamline Darts

Step 2: Sanding

I used the dremel tool to just sand down the rod in the barrel so the dart would fit.

Step 3: Tinkering

I used the hemostat to remove chibbles of plastic  that were still attached to the rod so the dart could easily slide on.



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    my night finder got screwed up trying to take the air restricter out

    i just busted the whole rod out.
    still pretty good

    great mod. thanks fer teh help

    with some guns i had problems with the streamline darts popping out of the barrel as well, but you have to take out the air restricters for that

    what's the air restricter? Is it the thing that you place the darts on?

    No, thats the 'peg'. The air restrictors you have to take the gun apart to get to, there should be a small spring and a plate like thing with 3 prongs sticking out. If you look down the end of the barrel you should see the 3 prongs sticking out, thats the air restrictor

    Thanks :) that was helpful.

    Taking the peg out of the gun actually increases range too. It is part of the air restrictor system.

    The old night finders were the best little pistols to modify. I put extra springs in mine and a laser pointer to replace the LED. It rocked! I don't work in an office anymore so I don't have any reason to use it anymore. My old workmate did a whole lot of cool upgrades to his. Mostly for longer range. His Maverick was pretty cool but we could never get the same range and accuracy as the night finders.