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  I would like an attachment on my recon so that if some people ambushes me, I don't have to reload...I just shoot my attachment. This is not like a real life attachment, but it works really good for me. If my dad ambushes me and I miss...he comes right to me fast, but he doesn't see the attachment saved my life.

  Getting Started

If you want to learn how to do this, please keep reading until it says in bold "about". You need a recon scope or just pretty much anything that NERF made as an attachment: scope, flip up sight, flash light, etc. Then unscrew it. Made sure the springs are all in it and it works without the scope or whatever you used.


Next, take a hand drill or a electric drill that's the exact same size that the NERF company makes in most blasters. Drill one on each end. Next, drill on the night finder or anyother blaster you wanted to attach. Now take a screw driver to screw in the screws. Make sure the right side is up as shown in pictures.


  All you do is slide it onto the bottom of the recon or any other blaster you wanted on. Your done! Enjoy!


  I just wanted an attachment on my recon when in wars/battles. I used wood glue to put the buzzbee shells on the sides of the blaster. This is just to put more ammo/darts on the blaster when I reload. I took the light/laser becuase to me, I don't fight at nights and it has no purpose at day time. Then I would have the it off. I took the battery door off and put in darts with the heads/rubber tips in the battering slots and the ends out. This night finder can hold 6 extra darts, shoot 80 feet, and attach on N-Strike NERF blasters. Hope you liked it and gave you an idea.


MAVREV13 (author)2012-01-02

cool nifty attachments dude, but if you want 80+ look up nite finder mods on nerf revolution.....youll find MORE than enoughf

lil larry (author)MAVREV132012-04-18

OK, thanks. Nerf modding isn't my thing anymore haha. I've out grown it, but I still play if my friends beg me to.

billybenj (author)2011-05-06

Lol, it doesn't shoot 80 feet, maybe 30 if you're lucky.

darknessfalls (author)billybenj2011-05-06

i dont know, with a couple of other mods it "could" get 80 feet, but this one, does not look like it.

lil larry (author)darknessfalls2011-05-06

No, this one doesn't becuase I didn't have rubberbands on it or was the air ristrictors was off at the time. Yes, it may shoot a little under 80 feet, but I took these pictures about 2 months ago and finnally posted them.

lil larry (author)billybenj2011-05-06


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