Night-Hawk Scout Bow V3-4

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Introduction: Night-Hawk Scout Bow V3-4

This is a prototype bow im working on. Its a scout bow so its ment to be small but powerful and trust me this thing packs a punch.
Can fire my arrows 200+ft and that's with old sucky elastic bands.

Its also using a new suspension system in the limbs ( you wont be able to see it form the pics) that allows for huge torque to be put on the bow.



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    Could you actually post a how-to guide for making this? you mentioned a new suspension system in the limbs but we cannot see it to properly and correctly replicate any of these designs. Instructions on how to do so would be amazing!

    It would be greatly appreciated if someone uploaded a thoroughly detailed instructable

    PLEASE POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know you took it apart but just show me like 6 pictures

    Im pretty sure any knex weapon cant shoot over 200ft and still be very accurate.

    You obviously have not seen many knex weapons have you?

    No,i have seen this bow being fired myself its range is incredible and so is the accuracy.

    I broke it up a while ago =/ Ive stopped making knex stuff now.