This is a prototype bow im working on. Its a scout bow so its ment to be small but powerful and trust me this thing packs a punch.
Can fire my arrows 200+ft and that's with old sucky elastic bands.

Its also using a new suspension system in the limbs ( you wont be able to see it form the pics) that allows for huge torque to be put on the bow.

<p>Could you actually post a how-to guide for making this? you mentioned a new suspension system in the limbs but we cannot see it to properly and correctly replicate any of these designs. Instructions on how to do so would be amazing!</p>
It would be greatly appreciated if someone uploaded a thoroughly detailed instructable
PLEASE POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know you took it apart but just show me like 6 pictures
Im pretty sure any knex weapon cant <strong>shoot over 200ft and still be very accurate.</strong>
You obviously have not seen many knex weapons have you?<br />
good joke
Oh, Ive seen many.
No,i have seen this bow being fired myself its range is incredible and so is the accuracy.
make a video of shooting<br /> <br />
I broke it up a while ago =/ Ive stopped making knex stuff now.<br />
Actually a compound bow, regardless of what it says in the game.
In what game? and im sure i never said is wasn't a compound bow.<br />
Ugh...<br /> <br /> Don't worry.
Looks really cool!&nbsp; Better than most of the bow that were recently posted.<br />
Thanks.<br />
Oh by the way&nbsp;Radio dj this guys seen my HPR-1 fireing powerful wasen`t it went through 2 cans, Punctured a tin can, and whent straight through 1 can and landed 8 meaters away.
Don't care.&nbsp; Any old slingshot can do it.&nbsp; Silentassassin made a video showing my&nbsp;OSSR shooting through 2 sides of a cardboard box from 20 feet.<br />
Burned. Check out the side arms thread, he's calling us noobs XD<br />
Hey Liam the bow is awesome.Do you still have it?
Yep , not going to be working on the larger model for a while tho since im taking a break to concentrate on my new band.<br />
Cool!<br /> <br /> I can't wait for the real thing!

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