Night Light




Introduction: Night Light

Well, I am in a hurry, so this instructable would be short and very brief. I got bored of the same old bed lamp colour, so I decided to make a bed lamp whose color could be controlled by my smart phone. I guess this many of you have already made this one, but this is my version, so, please bear with me.

Things Required :

1) Arduino Board

2) HC-05 Module (Bluetooth)

3) Pair of RGB LED's

I am uploading the android app, using which you could control the lamp, through bluetooth. Essentially our lamp is connected to arduino, which in-turn has been paired up with an external bluetooth module, for providing the bluetooth accessibility. Also, I am uploading the sketch of the arduino. The connections are very basic, just hook up your bluetooth module(I am using HC-05) and the led lamp to your arduino, power it up using external source. and voila you are up and running.

I have uploaded the .apk file of the app, copy that onto your phone and install it.

Now connect your phone to the bluetooth module and open the app, and enjoy it.



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