This is a device that is designed to alert owls that it is nighttime. I made it for my little brother.

Step 1: Go and Get Stuff.


1 - Fake Stuffed Owl
1 - PC Board Grid-Style (Radioshack 276-150)
1 - PC Board IC-Style (Radioshack 276-159)
1 - 14 Pin Socket (Radioshack 276-1999)
1 - 9V Connector
1 - LM339 Chip (Radioshack 276-1712)
1 - SPST Rocker Switch (Radioshack 275-694)
2 - 2 digit 8 segment displays
1 - wire (black and red)
1 - 1K resistor
1 - photocell
1 - 9V battery
1 - 9V battery Holder (Radioshack 270-326B)
1 - tube of epoxy (not shown)


- soldering iron
- hot glue gun
- box cutter
- pliers


Most everything can be purchased at Radioshack. I got the 8-segment displays at The Electronic Goldmine (goldmine-elec.com). Their part number was G4031. The owl should be purchased in San Francisco's Chinatown.
If it is dark, it displays SAFE, does it? <br>thanks! <br>marC:)
What does it ment to do?
<strong>awesome stuff here<em><strong></strong></em></strong><br/>
safe to have ***? LOL. Why not use this to turn ON/OFF garden lights? How would the circuit look like if you are using AC (Say 220V)? Thanks and more power!
awwwwwwwww thats so cuttttttttttttteeeeeee
imagine how boring the world would be without it! right on for using the noggin'! My motto: "Better than watching TV"
well, i think it's funny. nicely done, mate. nicely done.
He's right, and owls cant read, so whats the point of this anyway?. Is it to inform owls or make yor brother feel good (nothing against him though)?. Cpf
Owls are nocturnal. They should know when it's nighttime.
Why "safe"!? I'm so confused! Why!? WHY!?
Safe to sneak out I assume.

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