Picture of How To Play Night Stalker,  The Ultimate Glowy  Tag
Night Stalker is a game that is played with up to 200 people.It is a version of flashlight tag. It consists of 2 teams and a monster team who should have no favor of who they want to win. If played correctly this can be an extremely fun game.

Step 1: The Materials

Picture of The Materials
These are the materials required to successfully play the game.
Flashlights (Enough for every player to have one, except for 2 of the monsters)
One fairy or girly costume
One Reaper costume
A Piece of rope (About 3-4 feet long)
Wristbands (2 colors) to identify the teams

This game is best played with 30-200 people
newt1231 year ago

soooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooool!!!!!!! :)

You stole the idea from me! The name is mine, the idea is mine! Look at my instructable! It's made before yours by a good amount!
shammallamaman (author)  fireblast_12125 years ago
I am definitely not the creator of this game, but mine was actually published before yours by a couple months, mine was july 13th and yours was november 1st, plus they seem to be different games, besides the basic concept and the name
xtroublex6 years ago
This would be great as a summer camp activity. Or even the local YMCA camp. Ages above like 10 though aye? Great post! Thanks!
PKTraceur6 years ago
Cool! Ill try this soon... hehe... maybe on;y with a ONE person flippity flop and a reaper. -PKT
this is cool if any one has airsoft guns insted of haveing just a flashlightu can have a flashlight and airsoft gun p.s. this is soooooo cooooollllllll thanks alot
bowmaster7 years ago
Who wants me to post my ninja tag instructable? You use wooden ninja swords and rubber shuriken to play tag at night. I will make a instructable with rules.
shammallamaman (author)  bowmaster7 years ago
That sounds like fun, I think you should post it
Here it is:Ninja tag
shammallamaman (author)  bowmaster7 years ago
I like it, but I think it would be better if you added pictures to all of the steps
I am still working on it so I will get some pics up buy next sunday.
shammallamaman (author)  bowmaster7 years ago
Ya, after I get 5 people I will post it. JK I will start now!
Junk Mail7 years ago
if u are the reaper and less than five people have a flashlight on u can u run away? peace out
shammallamaman (author)  Junk Mail7 years ago
Yes, The reaper is unaffected by flashlights until there are 5 of them on him at once
ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
I will find alot of people and play this.
shammallamaman (author)  ItsTheHobbs7 years ago
cool, sounds like fun
Yes. It definitely sounds fun.
this game seems awesome I will definitely get it started as a trend if you want me too. I'm sure if we play it at summer camp it will spread.
yeah, thanks man :D
Vicious7 years ago
I have played something similar, no monsters though. Also the only way to free someone is with two people 'tagging' (not with light but a physical touch) the dead/jailed person. Then you had your leader person who was identified prior to starting the game. Only leader could kill a leader (I had watched too much Highlander when I thought of it) but if a normal player light-tagged them, then they had to count down from 15. While counting, they could not tag anyone or be tagged, it's like a limbo state. The games I did had around 50-75 people and we were in a park. We use the football goals as the jail. People could use camo or any type of outfit to hide themselves with. However the game does get a lot more interesting when it's at a college campus and everyone is drunk or tipsy.*
shammallamaman (author)  Vicious7 years ago
oh, that's cool, it is a lot of fun
Neat. Sounds like fun.
bubbaflamm7 years ago
Could you explain the roll of the monsters a bit more? do they have a jail? what do you mean 4 people but only 3 separate monsters?
shammallamaman (author)  bubbaflamm7 years ago
the monsters do not have a jail, they take their prisoners to the other team's jail, and you need 4 people to play 3 monsters because the flippity floop takes 2 people to play it
stinkymum7 years ago
I have played a slightly similar game to this as part of a scavenger hunt held on a ball field on the edge of some woods at night. It is a lot of fun.
shammallamaman (author)  stinkymum7 years ago
oh, cool, yeah it is a lot of fun, what were the differences between the ame you played and this one?
It was similar to the the Alien game
llamadebama7 years ago
its sounds like a lot of fun! how would you get 200 people?
shammallamaman (author)  llamadebama7 years ago
i have played it at summer camp before, i guess you could have an extremely large party ;-)
panzer7 years ago
lol, nice game!