Picture of Night Stand Bottle Light
This Project is based off of Scooter76's Cool LED Night Light.

Besides drilling the bottle which quite a while since I was trying to be careful not to shatter it, the circuit part of this project only took about 20 minutes. When you are drilling a glass bottle make sure that you use a special glass drill bit and that you go slow and don't apply much pressure. Take a break every 30 seconds or so and brush the glass dust away, I used an air can made for computer dust. Always wear proper protection such as Safety glasses and proper face mask to make sure that you don't inhale the fine particles.
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Step 1: Tools Needed

Picture of Tools Needed
Soldering Iron
Power adapter
Glass Drill Bit
Shrink Wrap
Wire Stripper

Step 2: Drill A Hole

Picture of Drill A Hole
Here you drill a hole in the back of your bottle and then feed the power adapter wire through the hole and out of the bottle so you can work on it.

Step 3: Switch and Resistors

Picture of Switch and Resistors
Here you are going to solder 2 wires to the switch, one on each lead. Then on one of the leads, attach the 2 100ohm resistors. For 2 LEDs, you need roughly 180ohms of resistance. I used 200 because I had a couple 100ohm resistors laying around. You can always use more resistance but never use less, otherwise you will end up blowing your LED bulbs. I finished it off with adding some shrink wrap to cover the connections and to protect it.
ilpug3 years ago
you can fill the bottle with mineral oil and it wont affect the LED. Put glitter in the oil or something.
miphz5 years ago
cool ... there are many useless bottle outside ...
sciwig6 years ago
Put water in the bottle while drilling it. This prevents overheating.