I had some scrap wood and wanted to make a nightstand dock with a crazy design.

Step 1: Start With 2 Types of Wood

I started with two contrasting colors of wood. Make sure they are both the same size and thickness.

Step 2: Tape the Pieces of Wood Together

Take the pieces of wood together with double sided tape.

Step 3: Cut the Wood on the Band Saw

Then I cut the wood on the band saw in a random wavy design. Take the pieces apart and flip flop the opposite pieces to get this design.

Step 4: Glue

Once i swapped the pieces I glued the boards together.

Step 5: Repeat

Glue the two boards together and cut another wavy design into the wood. Pull apart, swap, and glue the pieces together.

Step 6: ShopBot

Next I used a ShopBot to cut pockets and profiles into the boards so they would slide together and the would be a place to hold my watches and dock my phone.

Step 7: Add Charging Cable

Then I Drilled a hole for a charging cable and hot glued the cable into place and tested it out. Next time I would want to start with bigger pieces of wood but all in all a successful project.

<p>Nice project! This gives me some ideas for my own projects. Really loving the charger mount in the corner, gives the effect of the phone floating in open space. </p>
<p>Very nice work.</p><p>Too bad you didn't do a highly fine sanding job at the end&hellip;</p><p>But then again, it may well be your taste, in which case I humbly withdraw my comment.</p><p>Cheers !</p>

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