Picture of Night Teddy


Here is a teddy bear plastic canvas yarn sewing I did in my class about a couple of months ago.
It goes onto your light switch, so that's why it's called "Night Teddy." ;-)


Pretty self explanatory. I used the plastic square things, and a needle and yarn.

What kind of yarn, you ask?

Oh, so you weren't asking?

Oh well.


  • Dark brown - got from my teacher at school.
  • Lightish brown (tan) - got from my teacher at school
  • Small black yarn - got from my teacher at school


  • Bow - got from my teacher at school
  • Eye(s) - got from my teacher at school.

One of the eyes came off, and I couldn't find it.
Now it looks really weird.

I hope you like it!

There's more?!?!

Yes, there is.

This is in the "Share the Love" contest because I am making more (maybe a lot) and giving them out to people at school/ family relatives.

Thanks for checking out this Slideshow!
Love it soooooo much
PKTraceur5 years ago
Cool! Nice Miko! -PKT
Doctor What6 years ago
He's missing an eye!!! He must have no depth perception.
That's what happened to my sock monkey...
I hope he doesn't drive.
Or try using a table saw....
Sunbanks6 years ago
I like teddy bears.
GorillazMiko (author)  Sunbanks6 years ago
Like it enough to rate it +1? :)
Brennn106 years ago
Cool! If only I knew how to knit...
GorillazMiko (author)  Brennn106 years ago
Not knitting. Plastic canvas sewing. It's actually quite easy to do!

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