Picture of Night Vision Goggles Cheap
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Worried about not being able to see an night attack by the zombie horde? Do you want to experience a hike through the woods without the tripping and inability to see?  Here is a cheap easy project that turns a kids toy into a pretty sweet night vision goggles setup. 
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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
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Band Saw
Jewelers Drill Press
Philips Head Screw Driver
Soldering Iron
Solder Sucker

EyeClops 2.0  (for more info: 
Welding Mask
Electrical tape
Extra Wire
Heat Shrink Casing
Duct Tape
Screws and Nuts Fit to Mask Holes

Total Cost:
 Aproximately $30-$60 depending on what materials you have on hand. The fancy tools are largely optional and merely expedite the process

Step 2: Shrinking Form Factor

Picture of Shrinking Form Factor
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Phone_Not_ 093.jpg
Phone_Not_ 089.jpg
Phone_Not_ 097.jpg

Unscrew everything.

Realize box is almost all dead space.

Remove plastic nubs holding wires in place.

Cut apart; I used a band saw to remove plastic sections.
(just to clarify cut so the front electronics section has a clean cut line that will sit on face of mask)

Undo solder on battery pack leads to make this easier / so you do not break wires. You may also consider lengthening the wires to make the project easier.

Duuuude that's Goooooooood

Advar1 year ago
Looks so DieselPunk !
Advar1 year ago
Looks so DieselPunk !
n00bl0r14n1 year ago
Nice. I'm working on a similar night vision with a welder helmet ^^
here is my system