Night Dog Walking Light.




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Introduction: Night Dog Walking Light.

Hi, this instructable is about a problem my girlfriend had when walking her dog late at night on secondary poorly lit roads. So I came up with this to help her see where she was going plus to make others see her.And the Night dog walking light was least the first version.

Step 1: The Parts.

To the parts then..

Step 2: Installing Leds.

I used a piece of plywood inside the bad to place the 4 leds and bolt them inside.The one row was places on the bottom side with hot glue gun and 3 stitches from wire.The other row was also placed the same way on the strap of the bag.

Step 3: The Battery Pack.

I rearranged the battery pack in a more convenient shape.Soldered the board,the balancing plug, the battery checker and finally a jst plug for convenience. 

Step 4: The Switch.

The switch I used is a two stage one, turning on half the lights or all of them. The same method with the plywood was also used here.Then soldering the female jst plug and the leds to the correct leads on the switch.

Step 5: Final Step.

Final product and test run.
Thanks for watching!



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    well,been using it about a week now for about 10-15 minute walks and it's still full according to the battery checker.