Picture of Nightcrawler
nightcrawler side.jpg
Nightcrawler in a cute, cuddly form! Or is it just a BAMF doll? Either way, everyone loves Kurt and who wouldn't want to have a cuddly version of him? :3
Stands 9" tall from hair to feet, he also has a completely poseable tail!
smichael103 years ago
Oh my freakin' gosh. The eyes are just epic.
JuCo3 years ago
it's a bamf doll and nobody will be able to change my mind!

now, i just have to figure out how to make one. i'll probably have to sew one, though. (and then figure out how to explain why a grown man has one.)
niczilla (author)  JuCo3 years ago
ohhhh, if you sew one, you totally have to show me! I'm terrible with a needle and thread or even just a sewing machine so props to ya!
There's no shame in having a bamf doll! Show it off proudly, good sir!
JuCo niczilla3 years ago
it will take me some time, but i promise to post a picture if/when i'm able to do it.
That is so cute but how about some instructions on how to do that.
niczilla (author)  sofiadragon19793 years ago
It's strictly for a contest, but I do sell him. :)
Ahh ok, I didn't know that my bad.
He is so cute!!!
Oh my goodness, he is so chubby and wonderful. Love the hair and outfit!

(Also, now I want to run around yelling BAMF!)