Nightmare Keyblade


Introduction: Nightmare Keyblade

About: Formerly was "Legofanatic". It's been a while since I have been on here but I'm thinking about making a come back. Maybe some BMX Instructables and maybe some other stuff hear and there.

This is my keyblade that I made out of PVC and Cardboard.



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    was that keyblade in gatlinburg, tennessee? because they have craploads of random video game weapon stores there.

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    Yeah, There was a buster sword and links sheild and a lot of other cool swords and guns and sheilds.

    I think so. Not at that store but another store they had a buster sword. I was literally standing there for like 10 minutes drooling. LOL To make it even cooler it was made out of pure METAL.  

    AWESOME! Ive seen some really cool Buster Swords online. For the release of Advent Children Square Enix made a model of it in the ground

    that's cool. Maybe I will make a buster sword one of these days.

    Id like to make one out of wood

    Yeah cause i could just paint it crisis core style cause that one looks cool. Im not sure why but i actually prefer the Buster Sword more than the first tsurugi the Buser Sword made of 6 seperate swords that Cloud uses in Advent Children

    Why don't you just paint it crisis core style.

    im gonna put black tape on mine

    cool. Post a pic when it's done.

    cuz the teeth came out really good

    Thanks. I will be putting I picture of the teeth in soon.

    nice ill check it out