This is my keyblade that I made out of PVC and Cardboard.
was that keyblade in gatlinburg, tennessee? because they have craploads of random video game weapon stores there.<br />
Yeah, There was a buster sword and links sheild and a lot of other cool swords and guns and sheilds.
Nice kingdom key. isnt that a Zelda shield<br />
I think so. Not at that store but another store they had a buster sword. I was literally standing there for like 10 minutes drooling. LOL To make it even cooler it was made out of pure METAL. &nbsp; <br />
AWESOME! Ive seen some really cool Buster Swords online. For the release of Advent Children Square Enix made a model of it in the ground
that's cool. Maybe I will make a buster sword one of these days. <br />
Id like to make one out of wood
That would be cool. <br />
Yeah cause i could just paint it crisis core style cause that one looks cool. Im not sure why but i actually prefer the Buster Sword more than the first tsurugi the Buser Sword made of 6 seperate swords that Cloud uses in Advent Children
Why don't you just paint it crisis core style.
im gonna put black tape on mine
cool. Post a pic when it's done.<br />
you should do a close up on the teeth
cuz the teeth&nbsp;came out really good
Thanks. I will be putting I picture of the teeth in soon.
ok it's up
nice ill check it out
ok cool
dude i noticed that your wearing shorts and a t shirt, meanwhile im wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. also i gave it 4 stars but it says 3 stars
Thats because it's hot here in florida. actually it is windy. The reason for it being 3 stars is because the is only 1 vote.
Yeah. I lived in florida till i wuz 3. now im up in Massachusetts
<p>Where did you live in florida. I live in Dade City.</p>
i think Melbourne, not sure, my cousin lives there
Wow That is about 2 hours from where I live I think.
cool. well i dont know where my cousin lives but i know its in florida

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