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This is a quick and dirty instructable for a drawer USB charging station.

This can be in your nightstand or beside your working desk or your lab bench (or all of them)...

- Hacksaw
- Screwdriver

- Mains extension cord
- Powered USB hub (with an at least 2 Amps PSU)
- Various USB charging cables for your gadgets

So, once you have the tools and materials (and the nightstand of course) you can hack this up in 5-6 minutes.
Of course you can make it infinitely more refined and elaborate than this...

So... this is quite straight forward.

All you do is...

- Take apart as much of the nightstand as you must in order to take out the back piece.
- Make a hole (big enough for the plug) in the back with the saw.
(again, this is the quick-and-dirty version, you can make the hole with a hole-saw, and also you wont have to take apart the whole thing)
- Put the nightstand together
- Fix the mains extension block in the drawer (I used tape, but hot-glue, zip-ties or screws can be used)
- Fix the USB hub(s) inside too (I used tape also, but hot-glue, zip-ties or screws can be used)
- Pass the mains cord through the hole in the back plate (an IEC PC-type plug could be used here, but I could not be bothered) :-)
- Plug your cable, plug your devices, close the drawer... and ENJOY!!!

Make sure you use earthed outlets-cable-extension!
And always take all the precautions associated with mains voltages!


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