Introduction: Nightstands

I had to make two nightstands for my bedroom, so I went for a simple design.
First I draw them in Google Sketchup, a great free software for CAD.

Step 1: Basic Structure

I wanted the nightstands to look strong but to be light, so instead of solid legs, I went for some joined thinnier strips of pine wood. They were joined using dowels.

In the second picture, you can see the slides for the drawer.

Step 2:

Drawers were made of 1cm MDF and pine for the front. The bottom of the drawer is a 3mm MDF panel inserted in a slot.

Step 3:

These are the finished nightstands.

For the finish I used walnut dye and natural wax.

Hope you like them

You can see more projects and the spanish translation in:

Thank you



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