Nightvision Headset


Introduction: Nightvision Headset

This nightvision headset consists out of an old digital camera (IR-Filter removed) and eight high intensity IR-LEDs.
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    This is awesome! Great job! What camera did you use? Could you make a more detailed tutorial?

    Also, you can buy dedicated IR cameras, and I showed how to make a dedicated nightvision viewer in my instructable, Super Simple Night Vision.

    This is great! Can you please post about locating and removing the IR filter? Also are the camera and LEDs powered separately?

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    Thanks, By opening your camera you can see the objective with the lenses (mine had no optical zoom). Open the objective. The IR-filter lies in this objective above the cmos-sensor. It looks like a square piece of glass. Take it out with a screwdriver. Then put it all together. here, i found an instructable:

    the camera and the IR-Leds are powered by on 6v 1000mAh battery back, which i can charge.