Don´t you hate when you have to chop wood  in the deep of the night and you can´t hang your hand flashlight tightly with your teeths, meanwhile you are losing wood in the Way.
Well it happens to me last camp, so I had to solve out this issue using the Mac Gyverism.
Last week I was in a summer Camp, and I forgot my Old flashlight at home, so I had to solve this issue then I look in My car coffin if something will works as a flash light.
One of my multiple tasks was to chopped some wood in the deep of the night, so it was the perfect excuse to made a Flash light that allow me had my free hands to gather some stuff.
It takes me almost 30 minutes to join all together and get the stuff that I had in my mind before. The magnifying glass works perfectly to start a fire or look in maps.
Hope you like it comment,rate and vote.
Um, I guess it's a good hack, but, why not just buy a headlamp? You can get one for about $10, and one probably much lighter...
Um...this idea surge in the middle of a Camp where there wasn´t Camping shops or anything.it was an emergency project. In fact I´m the kind of people that avoid to "simple buy things".I prefered hack and improve things.That´s why I´m in this website.
Interesante trabajo has hecho. &iquest;No se derrite la goma adhesiva que sostiene los LEDs cuando se calientan?<br> <br> <strong>Interesting work you have done. Do not melt the hot glue which holds the LEDs when heated?</strong>
Hasta ahora no se han derretido...mas sin embargo como fue una soluci&oacute;n de ultima hora, una vez que llegue a casa sold&eacute; las terminales apropiadamente.

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