First, you buy an iPod Nano, then a Nike/iPod Kit and then (optional, but important) an armband to hold you ipod and Nike+iPod. By this time you've already spent $250+ and nike/apple tells you that you can't use the Nike+ kit without their special shoes.

To hell with that!

There are many options out there that will help get around buying Nike's special shoes, but for those of us who run outdoors, and run long distances, we just don't feel safe mounting it above the shoe (at least I don't). So why not just model my current running shoes after Nike's special shoes?

NOTE: This Instructable involves cutting a hole in your shoes. I am not responsible for any damaged shoes, injured legs, cut fingers, or broken Nike+ kits. '

All of the instructions are detailing how I did this, how you should do this depends on your shoe, shoe size, and preferences, but it should be mostly the same (just different measurements involving sensor placement)

Step 1: Tools/Hardware Needed:


iPod Nano
Running Shoes

X-Acto Knife
Foam Core/Mat Board X-Acto Blade (optional, but helpful)
Nice feet!!!! XD
I was actually pretty stoked to find out that my sensor fit perfectly into the side of my Adidas shoes!! If there are some of you who are timid to dremel your shoes, check out the interior of your shoes to make sure there aren't any areas that you could tuck it into. My adidas just happened to have some stitching that created pockets on the sides of the interior.
I did the same thing to my shoes, but my wife did not want me to cut her shoes. For those of you who are unsure of "milling" the insides of your shoe I have done the following. Purchase a foam insert, i.e. Dr. Scholl's. They tend to be a litle thicker than the ones most shoes come with and are a few mm's thinner than the sensor. Do what was done here to find placement of the sensor, but do this on the 'new' insole. Trace sensor shape onto the new insole in the calculated loactionwith a sharpie, and then cut out a hole in the new insole with an Xacto knife. Remove the foam insert that came with the shoe and replace with new insole with hole. Place Nike senor into hole and your ready to go. Works great, and is an easy way to change shoes.
wow powertools. I just marked it up on my comfort sole i bought with a pencil and cut it out with my penknife. <br />
I might have a solution for people who might want to remove the sensor. Some of the Nike+ sneakers come with this little foam piece that goes where the sensor should be when you're not using it. If any has it and wants to try it let me know if it works.<br />
Why not just try a pair of Nike shoes? I work at a running store and I sell alot of ASICS but I know alot of people are starting to switch over to Nike's because they last longer
Because Nike shoes are way too narrow for some of us, and they are not available in the size I would need. I wear a 14 new balance (and ONLY new balance). Trying a 14 in nike was just painful. I figure to get the width right I would need about a size 17, and that would be too long. Nikes are for people with petite feet.
Isn't that shoe a New Balance shoe?
what does a nike + kit do?
Nike+ is basically an pedometer that works with iPod Nanos to keep track of your pace, time, and distance.<br/><br/>see <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nike%2BiPod">Nike+iPod</a><br/>
cool, but does the Nike+iPod work with Video??? or just nano :-|
it works with the new touch now... you don't even need the dongle to use it... its built in! :D
No, unfortunately the Nike+ kit only works with the iPod Nano. It's a shame really.
I asked about this at an Apple store. Their take is that since the iPod videos are all hard drive based players, exercising with them (bouncing up and down, even if it's strapped to your arm) severely reduces the life of the drive in the iPod. That's why they don't even make a Nike kit to go with that model.
If this is for Nike shoes, why is the pic of New Balance shoes?
This is not for Nike shoes necessarily. This is for anyone who wants to use the "Nike+ iPod Sport Kit" but does not want to buy the special Nike+ shoes.
ahhhhh... Thanks.
Cool Instructable. I have the same problem (don't want to buy special Nike shoes to use the kit), but I think I'll go for a more lightly-engineered solution. I'll probably mount mine on the laces. There must be plenty of good ways to keep it secure...
Lacelid.com makes a plastic piece that ties right into the laces and holds the sensor just for that purpose. I haven't bought any yet, because i have the Nike shoes, but for $1, I'd probably try them out: www.lacelid.com
The Nike+ kit is awesome, but my feet don't like Nike shoes. I was going to take the time to cut them out like this, but ended up doing something much more basic. I cut a small slit at the very tip of the tongue on my shoe. I then slid the sensor in and was ready to go. To be extra secure you can use a safety pin or even sew it shut. Been working out well for the past 7 months.

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