Create a waterproof  Nike+ iPod sensor holder using a rubber tube.
A 5 minute - very cheap solution and the shoe will be not damaged (like in other tutorials).
The sensor stay visible in a cool position.

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Step 1: Create the holder

INsert the sensor in the rubber tube. Fold the tube and cut a small triangle as shown in the photos.

Step 2: Place it in on the shoe

Picture of Place it in on the shoe
Place the sensor on the shoe as shown in photos.
The rain/water will not leak in.
You've done! :-)

an alternative sensor holder is easily found at Staples. It is a $3.99 Case Logic holder for USB thumb drives, and attaches with velcro, or I loop it thru my shoe laces. I have used this kind of holder for 3+ years, and it has held up very well to trail running, in the mud, and surface water. (I live in the PNW).
WHere did you get the tube?
jt586125 years ago
This is a great idea. Can you give more detail as to what kind of tubing you used that is able to stretch large enough to encompass the sensor? Thanks!