"Nike Plus" IPod Sensor Waterproof Holder





Introduction: "Nike Plus" IPod Sensor Waterproof Holder

Create a waterproof  Nike+ iPod sensor holder using a rubber tube.
A 5 minute - very cheap solution and the shoe will be not damaged (like in other tutorials).
The sensor stay visible in a cool position.

Step 1: Create the Holder

INsert the sensor in the rubber tube. Fold the tube and cut a small triangle as shown in the photos.

Step 2: Place It in on the Shoe

Place the sensor on the shoe as shown in photos.
The rain/water will not leak in.
You've done! :-)



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    The sensor itself is already waterproof...

    an alternative sensor holder is easily found at Staples. It is a $3.99 Case Logic holder for USB thumb drives, and attaches with velcro, or I loop it thru my shoe laces. I have used this kind of holder for 3+ years, and it has held up very well to trail running, in the mud, and surface water. (I live in the PNW). http://www.staples.com/Case-Logic-2-Capacity-USB-Drive-Shuttle/product_616825?cmArea=SEARCH

    This is a great idea. Can you give more detail as to what kind of tubing you used that is able to stretch large enough to encompass the sensor? Thanks!