Nikon Coolpix L15 Battery Door Fix





Introduction: Nikon Coolpix L15 Battery Door Fix

When the battery door latch broke on my point-and-shoot, I needed a cheap and quick fix. A trip to my local hardware store and a couple of bucks later, I had my fix. The bolt fit perfectly in the tripod socket, but was just a bit too large for the plate. I had to drill the plate with a masonry bit. Just took a sec.


  • Here is the version ...-lao_tseng

    lao_tseng made it!


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thank you for posting this ... it helped me fix mine :O)

Ahhh! My battery door on my Coolpix broke a very long time ago. I rigged it to stay shut with Velcro, but that never really worked that well and so I got another camera. But I still have the old Coolpix...and now I know a better way to keep that battery door shut! Thank you.


Masonry bit? Not.

What a smart idea ! if i ever need this Ill use the tripod mount for my camera !

Great idea very inventive!

Great. It happened to me the same with another brand, and I spent a week thinking about how to fix it. Finally I decided to stick a steel nail inside the cap, and make a slit in the body of the battery holder. It gave me a lot of work. (Genial. A mí me pasó lo mismo con otra marca, y estuve una semana pensando cómo solucionarlo. Finalmente opté por pegar una uña de acero dentro de la tapita, y hacer una ranura en el cuerpo del portapilas. Me dio mucho trabajo.)