Picture of Nine Fun Place Card Ideas

Make fun place cards to spice up your next dinner with friends. Give them away as parting gifts.

Step 1: See the video tutorial here!

Your craft are awesome
Mark Montano (author)  KIARA KHUSHI1 year ago

Thanks Kiara! You're very sweet to say so.

Ubertastic1 year ago

I love the girly one maybe my daughter's party can have those for the girls

Mark Montano (author)  Ubertastic1 year ago
They would love it. It always makes people feel special at a dinner.
Mark Montano (author)  Mark Montano1 year ago

Especially kids!

Are u an Indian
osmara 1 year ago
son en verdad hermosos
CarterBond1 year ago


So much fun!

artworker1 year ago