i love wooden board games so when i recently saw the game nine men's morris i thought i would give making one a try.

And because the design i came up with had two sides i went for the nice old game of drafts (checkers)

The board and the pieces will be made from wood and cut and engraved on a laser cutter. 

this is the first time I've made a board for a game from scratch so i know it wont be perfect but it was mainly a test to see if i could do it.

Step 1: Materials and Tools.


- wood. i used different types, all 3mm thick.
             >walnut, spruce, obeche and a pine ply wood. 
- Thin ply wood. i used a 1mm ply
- wood glue.
- small hinges and fastening latch, with tiny screws. 


- sand paper
- files
- laser cutter
- saw
<p>what is the point of the game? What are you supposed to do? I dont know what this is.</p>
I don't have a laser cutter so I just chiseled it by hand, and I'm making the pieces with soap stone. Thanks for the instructable inspiration though!! Its a christmas present
<p>You know what man! That's much better! look at it. I really think that it looks so good. I would love to see the final outcome! :) </p>
Haha a bit wobbly!! My first wood working project.
<p>The fact its not perfectly straight gives it the appeal in my eyes :) </p>
That'll do.
<p>love it. it looks great :) </p>
I first played 6 men, 9 men, and 12 men Morris from Assassin's Creed 3. This is a great instructable!
Nice instructable. I remember playing nine men's morris when I was young. <br> <br>I'm partial to shellac as a wood finish; it's natural, easy to apply, easy to fix if it gets scratched or something, and doesn't cover the beauty of the wood like some of the thicker finishes. <br> <br>Just dissolve some shellac flakes in denatured alcohol and rub it on with a wad of cotton cloth.
oooooo, i might have a look into using Shellac to finish it. thanks.
That's pretty cool. I wasn't familiar with the game so I had to look it up. Going to give it a try online. I like how you set up the board, so you can play the 3, 6 and 12 man variants. The way you solved the colour issue was creative. I think I would have put symbols for chess pieces on the other side though. Giving you a third game option.

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