Introduction: Ninja Blinding Egg

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Make and blinding egg you can throw at your opponents.

Step 1: Get Your Supplies

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First off you need a
-tape(I used electrical tape0
-cork screw or nail
-hose or water source
-blinding mixure(i used flour to demonstrate)
(This is my first instructable:)

Step 2: Make a Opening and Empty the Egg

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You can use a corkscrew or a nail to make a hole in the top. I made the hole a little bigger for demonstration. Then turn it upside-down and shake out its (innerds.)

Step 3: Rinse It Out

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I just took it over to the hose and rinsed it out then i dryed it on my shirt:)

Step 4: Fill With Blinding Mixure

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For the purpose of demo. i used flour.
-Just grab some flour
-Either used paper technique(see pic)
-Or used Pour technique(see pic) use this if you made the hole bigger.
-When your filling it, shake it a little so it settles and you can add more
-You could add for hours because flour is so powdery so only you can deside when its full

Step 5: Seal and Decorate

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Honesly i think this is a "ok" way of sealing but by far not the best. If you have any suggestions post them and I'll consider them:)
But what you want to do is first make sure you brush off all the flour from the outside of your egg and then you want to cut two pieces of tape and make an "X" pattern over then opening on you egg.
Then if you feel like it you can write something on you egg.(I tried spray painting one once and it was to "sticky for me even after it was dry)but do whatever you would like.

Step 6: Test It Out

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I walked back in my woods and threw it at a tree. Usually it will make a bigger pattern but i was close to the tree because i didnt want to miss.

Post your pics :)


TommyC6 (author)2015-09-10

Seal it with wax, guys. And use glass powder. But only for self-defence, ok?

kinglouis101 (author)2015-08-22

your not meant to use flour. try a mixture of crushed wood chippings and powdered pepper.

fleep73 (author)2014-11-22

You could seal it with hot glue!!

Green X (author)2014-04-17


tweet2297 (author)2014-03-10

Cool instructable! We are trying it now :)

Fiddlehorn (author)2013-05-26

Use crushed glass and pepper so it actually does something

voldo2011 (author)2013-05-04

Its called the blinding egg...not the pain egg. Its not used at long distance...its up close and your suppose to crush it in your hand. If you have ever thrown a confetti egg you know it doesnt explode all over the person. This is for placing in your hand....smashing it then throwing the contents at the persons face, Read up on it. Here is one use of it in a movie.....Revenge of the Ninja clip...
go to the 3:53 mark and when they are see him throw what seems like powder.....thats because he crushed it.

voldo2011 (author)voldo20112013-05-04

My advice....smash the egg but don't smear it all in your hand. You take it out with your hand out of view. They don't know what you have. Smash it and then act like your going punch with that hand but instead when you come forward with a punch you open your hand. I would consider it a "get the hell out of dodge" type of item.

SamuraiSpirit (author)2012-10-14

Would pepper work instead of flour?

SamuraiSpirit (author)2012-10-14

Would pepper work in place of flour?

TheInventor1997 (author)2010-06-06

what can you use for blinding thing but not so mean

abc1503 (author)TheInventor19972010-09-30

Flour... just, don't throw it, better crush it in your palm and then throw the contents onto the "enemy"
(clap with one palm facing upwards
using the 'upward's facing palm' throw what's on your hand) ^^

Just for instructive information, don't use on real life

the potato (author)abc15032012-07-21

dude dont crush it the egg causes pain so the enemy isnt blind but in slight pain do you see where im going?

the potato (author)2012-07-21

id make this but i cant cause im out of eggs and flour but it looks awsome

lmsvv (author)2012-07-18

Just to let you Know the art of "metsubushi waza" was to have easy access to the powder the idea was to keep the container and just throw the powder.

caasi88 (author)2012-07-06

cool! but does it work?

wesouthwardjr32 (author)2010-04-27

From what I understand they used a combination of rice paper and black wax to seal them and then painted them completely black.  They also filled them with all sorts of things like: liquid pepper, Pepper powder, ground glass, or even various other combinations of things.

lunius (author)wesouthwardjr322010-12-21

I filled mine first with cinnamon. May make one with Chili Powder later on.. Or a mixture of both..

For those of you that don't know, getting too much straight powder cinnamon in your throat can make you choke to death. It sticks to your windpipe >:D

**I am not responsible if you use cinnamon**

firesirt (author)lunius2012-06-24

Sorry for the late comment, but:
I would use ghost pepper powder("Why, yes, I am evil, how did you know?")

A word of warning, this may cause serious damage and/or death, so be warned!!!

nerd97 (author)2012-03-16

You misspelled "innards".

baronnd (author)2011-12-18

I misspelled Metsubushi. lol.

baronnd (author)2011-12-18

Cool Instructable, for shinobi-metsubishi.
When using the eggs the practice is to crush it in your hand and throw it with a flick of your hand. A part of the blinding mixture we I use is wood ash and pepper. If you use a pestle and a mortar you can make your ingredients very fine and they easily funnel into the egg with a paper funnel, then seal with wax on the top side hole. You want to seal the bottom side hole first. Typically we mark the metsubishi eggs all black, and the distraction ones in other ways. Thanks for posting this and have a good day!

residentmagnum (author)2011-08-02

looks like fun

woodstockbirdy (author)2011-07-21

I found they explode better if they are not filled all the way to the top

(Ramen) (author)2011-07-18

I made my own, though I made a few changes:
1. I used wax instead of tape.
2. I used a mixture of flour and pepper (Btw, flour is very difficult to get through a small funnel, but pepper works great!)
3. I used a sewing needle, and made two holes, then blew the innards out.

A few tips:
1. Try to make the holes as small as you can.
2. If you're going to wax it shut, don't remove any of the inner membrane.

Now I'm curious.. You know when you put an egg in vinegar for long enough, it dissolves all but the inner membrane? Well, what would happen after you have turned it into a black egg? Considering you find a way to plug the holes well enough to where the vinegar wont get in.

Thanks :)

  - James.

Jamez Britton (author)2011-07-04

An easier way to do this step is to make a hole in the top and the bottom and blow through one of them. This shoots the innards outwards in an egg-y explosion!

altrobot (author)2010-04-14

Why would he use flour? use the egg and time it perfectly so the chicks hatch in mid air and peck your enemy to death!

rockyvibe (author)altrobot2011-04-21

lol actually they used crushed glass and covered the holes with paint

saiyukiwarrior (author)altrobot2010-06-24

ha that makes my ROFLcopter go soi soi soi

lunius (author)saiyukiwarrior2010-12-21

makes my ROFLknife go sl-eye-se sl-eye-s!

SteampunkManiac (author)lunius2011-04-21

makes my ROFLwaffle dissapear

SteampunkManiac (author)altrobot2011-04-20

I subscribe now.


TheInventor1997 (author)altrobot2010-06-06

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!! XD XD

Soopah Steve (author)altrobot2010-05-16


knex_mepalm (author)2010-04-13

 Looks hard. I got my dad to sit on it and It wouldn't budge. JK, I stabbed it with a pencil, but why the top isn't the side much easier?

No, the top has a small air pocket, so it should be easier

Air_Assassin (author)2010-12-24

kinder suprise oes not work

datenkrieger (author)2010-04-23

The plastic containers from inside the Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs work best. They snap open when crushed in one hand but don't break in your pocket. And they can be reused. Fill with half cayenne pepper, half salt. This is as effective as a pepperspray but much cheaper.

lunius (author)datenkrieger2010-12-21

or powder Cinnamon and Cayenne.. Can't was the cinnamon out with water >:D

Air_Assassin (author)2010-12-05

Pepper spray! or black egg! yah!

stunami (author)2010-09-23

FYI, Your egg says "Samurai", not "Ninja".

Ballabirdie (author)2010-09-20

you could always just use a drop of hot glue to seal it, and i would spray paint the whole egg black, then use a stencil (made from a note card) and decorate with gold spray paint

IX Smith XI (author)2010-09-12

The way you used is different than how ninjas used it. They crush the egg in their hands and throw the powder at their face, but you can use the hole egg for disstance mabey.

Pbyrd (author)2010-09-11

I'm pretty sure these are called metsubushi.

xXInmateXx (author)2010-08-12

Ok i had to use duct tape cause electrical didn't work and it still didn't stay on well, any suggestions?

xXInmateXx (author)2010-08-11

I made it, but instead of using flour i used baby powder. It worked perfectly. And i painted on a cool looking face thing on it kind of like u did

Alphawolf1003 (author)2010-08-08

It doesn't have to blind. It could be a smoke bomb.

weaponscollector94 (author)2010-04-15

you can make really good smoke mixture out of 4 parts potassium nitrate and 5 parts sugar. melt them together and there you go, just fill your egg with bits of it and stick a fuse in it, that should do the trick

you do know the eggs were never used as smoke bombs right? they were usually filled with glass powder and sand and were thrown at the enemy's face.

Unfortunately you can't by potassium nitrate at your local grocery store.

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