This is a fun veneration of the standard chess set where the traditional chess pieces are replaced by "fun and cute" Ninja characters.

You can learn to play chess though this Instructable. If you want to learn more about Ninjas then I recommend the Ask a Ninja video podcast.

Step 1: What You Will Need...

To make the Ninja chess set you will need...

  • A printer (colour or mono)
  • 2 self-adhesive label sheets (ideally A4, 210mm×297mm, 8.27in×11.7in)
  • A self aligning paper cutter (optional but recommended)
  • A laser cutter or the use of a cutting facility (optional)
  • A chess board

If you do not have access to a paper/vinyl cutter then scissors or a craft knife can be used.

If you have access to a laser cutter then download ninjas_cutout.dxf and cut it out twice in 3mm acrylic. Ideally one set should be in black acrylic and one in white, but any colour will suffice.

If you do not have access to a laser cutter then you can send the file off to be cut for you, or find something else to stick the stickers on. A set of low cost plastic shot glasses can work well.

<p>I have now crested a chess board for the set as well. It is a simple sample of marble with a vinyl transfer of every other square in an 8x8 grid. The board is a little small to use for playing chess, but is great for showing it off at events.</p>
<p>I made it by hand (4mm plywood) for the chess champ from the school where i teach.</p>
<p>Very Nice. Thank you for sharing. I hope it brings some joy to someone.</p>
<p>Awesome <br>Instractable</p>
<p>A pc version can be made from this idea where the coins (ninjas) fight.</p>
A bit like Battle Chess ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_Chess ) but a Ninja edition.

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