Instead of trashing that obnoxiously loud mouse to get a new one, save some money and the environment by modding it into a Ninja Mouse. All you need in a thin knife and whichever type of screwdriver to open it.

NOTE: This mod can takes only a few minutes if you know what to look for. I think it goes without saying, but mod at your own risk.

Step 1: First, Some Numbers

Using an Android decibel meter, I got the following data:

-Ambient Noise 48 dB
-Ninja Mouse 52 dB
-Regular Mouse 74 dB
(The regular mouse is just as loud as my Ninja Mouse used to be.)

If you know about logarithmic scales, you can see Ninja mouse is over 10 times quieter than the regular mouse!
<p>Hi. My problem is i can't find my screws.<br>Thanks.</p>
<p>A bit fiddly but worgs great. Thank you!</p>
<p>My &quot;Ninja Mouse&quot; works great!</p>
<p>Is there another way? My mouse screw is in triangle shape...i don't have the screwdriver either, so i can't screw it.. help! </p>
<p>A flat blade screwdriver of a certain size will fit right in.</p>
<p>Thanks for the total BS now i have a completely broken mouse! DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS TROLL POST</p>
<p>Actually, this instructable is doable with certain micro switches. I've done this with before and broke a few microswitches before I realized it only works on ones that don't give you the finger when you mess with their innards. The mouse is completely fixable, you just need to solder in a new micro switch.</p>
Lol dude. I was looking for this just for same purpose. Dota2!! XD
<p>I know I'm pretty late to the party but after successfully completing this mod the first time I decided to make my left click button even more quiet and ended up making it super hypersensitive after taking it of its little hinge thingies and bending it a little. I tried molding it back and put it back on the grooves but that's when it stop making the clicking noise and became hypersensitive. Please Help! </p>
You can adjust the tab height highlighted in step 4. If you mean the whole swing arm got bent, I don't know what to tell you other that bend it back and get it to spring again. (You can also go to a thrift store and buy a cheap old mouse and scavenge another arm piece out of that.)
Wow thanks, ended up just grabbing an arm from another mouse... thanks for the quick response!
I did it! Thanks for the tutorial
<p>thanks, i made it.. nice one..</p>
<p>thanks i made it. Now I have A Quiet Ninja Mouse</p>
Managed to render my $40 wireless Logitech mouse almost useless using this method ;(. What happened in my situation is that the metal thing popped out, and when trying to put it back in, the bended park broke off.. It was on the LMB, unfortunately.
<p>You may be able to desolder a switch from other (cheap) mouse and replace it. Ask around, is common to see broken mouses that can be recycled.</p>
<p>Perfect! I've just done this on my Thermaltake Saphira. The difference is noticeable. Thanks for sharing :)</p>
<p>Exellent tutorial! Works great, thnx, dude</p>
<p>Word of caution: don't do this to the wheel button or you end up accidentally center-clicking instead of scrolling a lot.</p>
<p>Thanks so much for this post. Worked with my logitech M310. My pregnant wife sleeps a lot and was getting really annoyed by the clicking of our mouse; it stopped her from falling asleep. I went to a shop with 50 different mice and every single one of them make loud annoying clicks. This post was invaluable. Cheers!</p>
<p>OMG, this is a life saver. I was seriously going to shell out some cash for some pain relief from repetitive clicking. Thank you so much for putting together these instructions!!</p><p>To those that broke their mice, sorry that happened to you. That's the inherent risk of any DIY but you shouldn't blame the poster...</p>
<p>NICE it worked :}</p>
Fuk you, I broke my mouse because of this
<p>i tried to make this... it made my right click super overreceptive, and completly broke my left click... i have been trying to fix it for the last two hours. i may need to get new switches... or something. i don't reccomend trying it.</p>
<p>excellent tutorial, it was hard to take the black boxes off but i did it, also i was lucky the little button was not white but purple, and i did what aleunge said, putting a small piece of duct tape over it and it worked excellent, very easy tutorial, i had never made something like this, thank so very much</p>
<p>My God thank you so much for this Instructable. I have 2 dogs; one with super sensitive ears and the other dog is really old and needs his rest and to not be aggrivated constantly by that noise. When they are sleeping they keep waking up to moan and groan and make it obvious it's driving them crazy. I usually get off the computer before I'm actually ready to. They've got me trained pretty good. LOL. :) THANK YOU!!!</p>
You're welcome! Give those dogs a belly rub from me.
<p>Thanks a bunch!! just turned a crappy mouse into a superstar!</p>
<p>Good hack. But to make it almost completely silent (similar to my MS Arc Mouse) while keeping much of the button travel:</p><p>- put a small piece of duct tape in between the little arched piece the OP is recommending we bend down and the thin metal sheet that does the actual clicking (the top arched piece is basically a small magnet that attracts/pulls the sheet back up after you click it/pushing it down, essentially the spring mechanism of the button). By placing a small piece of duct tape there, you're cushioning the button return, which is actually the loudest part. Don't double the tape up or use something else thicker though as it will insulate the magnet too much from pulling the sheet back up with enough force.</p><p>- the tape will also reduce the travel of the button a little, but if you bend it like the OP is recommending as well, the clicking sound would reduce even further (but don't bend so much as the tape already reduced the clearance). </p><p>After that, enjoy a real silent mouse but still have the clicky feel of the original button.</p>
<p>Absolutely wonderful guide. My switches were mounted on a board that made it impossible to get the sides off but luckily the board came out no problem. Thanks :)</p>
<p>Well I just killed my mouse! Broke off the little flat spring. Looks like one end was soldered on, but no more. I got the right-click side done and it looked like it was going to work well until I broke the spring off the left-click side. I guess I get to go buy a silent click mouse now.</p>
I thought I did the same thing first time I tried. You can actually pry it back on, it's just held in place with tension. It took a surprising amount of force though.
I will get a strong light and magnifying glass and see what I can do.
<p>I just made it on my G700s, it works nice!<br>Pros: The noise got greatly reduced, now i can work ( and play :p )at nigth without waking up my parents or my brother</p><p>Cons: Was a bit difficult, that metal plate is tricky to put back into position. Other problem is the mouse skates, they are difficult to put back on perfectly. One last issue is that it changes the feeling of the button a lot, it becomes mushy, so it takes time to get used to it.</p>
<p>I cannt open the mouse switches. HELP</p>
<p>use a cutter blade. a magnifying glass migth come handy too, just slide it in the space between and gently twist the blade until it clicks off. repeat on the other side and be extra careful with the small white button and the metal part, they are ver very small</p>
<p>Awesome tip, took about 15 minutes and clicking is a lot better now. I don't understand why only a handfull of mouses are silent, most of them are so unnecesery loud, like my Apple mouse, at night when everybody is asleep I have to use my touchpad instead of the mouse.</p>
<p>Did this with a Steel Series KinZu V2 Mouse - worked like a charm. If that white button does fall out -you WILL need tweezers to get it back in. </p>
<p>Thanks for the detailed manual. However, I want to warn people about <br>that at least my mouse after this procedure became tougher (buttons are a <br> bit harder to click). On the other hand, 1) it became easier to click <br>frequently, which allows to shoot more bullets per second, and 2) when <br>you get used to hard buttons, you start to hold a button a little bit <br>stronger and in the end you need less time after a decision to click to <br>actually do it, which is good for sniper rifles.</p>
<p>good job, i also do not like noisy mice.</p><p>but the new microsoft sculp mouse is really awesome quite and precesion is mind blowing :)</p>
<p>I can play game when my gf sleep, Thank you very much.</p>
<p>We have the same mouse, cool. </p>
<p>is it just me or is the sound gettting louder?</p>
<p>HOLY CRAP. THANK YOU SO MUCH. SO QUIET. I can now safely play game without my mom noticing.. If you reply, it will be an honor. thank you very much.</p>
The honor is all mine. I'm actually surprised this has over 125,000 views! I haven't looked in a while.
Nice one dude! Saved me from buying a new mouse. My old one is now as quiet as a... mouse. <br> <br>BTW, for anybody about to try this mod, remember that there is a trade-off between quietness and tactile feedback. The lower you go with the contact the quieter it will be but there will also be less travel in the button and that can be slightly disconcerting when you're using the mouse.
Yea, my friends that use my computer are always saying, &quot;What's wrong with your mouse? It clicks weird.&quot; It took me a few days to get used to it. Nothing really.

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