Ninja Shirt Folding





Introduction: Ninja Shirt Folding

In this video I will be showing you what is called the “Ninja Shirt Folding” technique. This is a quick and easy approach to the dreaded laundry folding task, that creates clean and even lines that almost anyone can do. Not to mention, adding a little ninja to your laundry adds a little fun and will impress almost anyone. Watch closely now as it happens kind of quickly.



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    I've seen people do this before, but never really followed what they were doing. Your video instructions were really clear! Thanks! You might want to upload your videos to Youtube or Vimeo so that you can embed them in the Instructable and people won't have to download them to view, just FYI. Thanks again!

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    Great tip Thank you amberrayh! I thought that might be the case, that it had to be downloaded, but I wasn't sure. Thanks again!