Ninja Star





Introduction: Ninja Star

This Instructable will teach you how to make cool ninja star out of just two pieces of square paper!

Step 1: Beginning Folds

Get out two pieces of square paper. You may nee to cut them from a regular piece of printing paper. Begin by folding both pieces of paper in half, and half the other way. Now unfold them.

Step 2: Cut Into Eighths

Cut both pieces of paper along the fold lines. You will now have 8 pieces of square paper.

Step 3: Hardest Step

This is the hardest step of the Instructable. First, you need to fold one of the pieces of paper in half on both sides, and diagonally on both sides. Now fold two of the corners on one half to the center of the square. Then fold the opposite half on the fold mark in. Push the two sides in so that you have a parallel figue. Then, on the opened end of the figure, fold the tips down about 1 cm. Do this on all eight pieces of paper.

Step 4: Putting It Together

Now it's time to put it all together. Slide one closed end into the opening end of another one. This may be difficult, so look at the photo shown. Now take the flaps of the figure that you are sliding the other one into, and close the flaps into the slot-type thing. Repeat this until you have done all of them.

Step 5: Ninja Star!

Now just push all the sides in one at a time. Now you are done!



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    Thank for the advice

    oooohhhhh mmmyyyy goooooshhhh

    show step 5 more clearly

    not the instructions i was looking for

    Wow, my son is going to love this at his ninja party! Thank you for sharing :)

    i didnt get the last step of how to push in the sides at first and i almost gave up but i tried it again and i got it and OH MY GOSH THIS IS SWEET!!!!! way better than a 4 point ninja star!!!


    nice instructable very easy

    My friend Strachanie made this but with coloured paper. It looks *^$&#!@ awesome!

    I made one of these out of post-its instead and it worked perfectly!!


    really easy if you knew how to make then forgot then read this and I also made one out of GIANT piecses of paper it was as wide as a large table at a resturant. =D

    THIS IS SO FREAKING KOOOOOLLLL!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! thnaks so much :)

    1 reply

    haha..i know who u r:))

    nvm, i get it! colored paper might help next time though :D

    sooo confused!!!! :(

    This is a good intructables. If you dont want it to be too big, use post its teh sticky notes.


    how did u get the hand @ da bottom of ur pic w/ da "1"???

    its funny.... :O

    yo. :P wazzup?