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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
To make a ninja turtle hat, you will need:
_ Green Fleece
_Red Fleece (Blue, purple or orange will also work)
_White Fleece (just for the eyes)
_Measuring tape
_Sewing machine

Step 2: Cutting Out Your Hat Pieces

Picture of Cutting Out Your Hat Pieces
Trace Pattern.JPG
Pin pattern.JPG
Cut pattern.JPG
Four top pieces.JPG
Earflap Measurements.JPG
Earflap pattern.JPG
Pin on earflap pattern.JPG
Cut out more earflaps.JPG
Four earflaps.JPG
How long.JPG
Mask piece.JPG
Cut eyes.JPG
Braid pieces.JPG
There are five parts to cutting this hat; the top, the brim, the mask, the braids and the eyes. We'll start with the Top:

Top:  Sketch a curved triangle on a piece of paper. I made mine 6 ½ inches long and 6 inches tall. Fold it in half if you need too, to make it symmetrical. Once you are happy with your pattern, pin it to your dark green fleece and cut four pieces out.

Brim: The brim is tricky to get right. To get the basic size, you can cut a square from scrap fabric, 12 inches long and at least 6 inches wide in the middle. Cut it so its about 2 ½ inches on a longer end, and 3 ½ inches at the other. Size it up to your head and adjust it to how you want it. Once you get earflaps you like, trace it on to paper so you can use it for other hats and cut out four brim pieces.

Mask: The mask is just a piece of red fleece about 18 inches long and about 2 inches wide. The edges on the mask are raw, so you should make sure to cut it out really neatly.

Braids: Cut out long strips of fleece, four green and two red. They should be about ¾ wide and no shorter than 12 inches long.

Eyes: Just cut out almond shaped pieces from white fleece scraps.

Step 3: Sewing Top

Picture of Sewing Top
Pin both tops together.JPG
Top of Double Triangle Pieces.JPG
Sewn together.JPG
Top of hat.JPG
Take two triangle pieces and put them right sides together. Sew along one side. Do the same on the other two.

Next, pin the two pieces together, in side out, so that the seam on the top meets the other. Sew along the top. (Like a rainbow. See picture 4).

Turn right side out.
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Olivia made it!2 months ago

Thanks for the inspiration! I took your idea and modified it a bit and made it look more like the '90s Turtle cartoon. :) My first go at making a hat—thanks for the Instructable!

pie popper (author)  Olivia2 months ago

I love it! Folding the top and bottom edges of the mask over sure gives it a nice finish. Great job, it looks awesome!

Olivia pie popper2 months ago

Thank you! :)

alexa.lords3 months ago

That is SO cute!! I love it!! A great Christmas gift for my little sister. She LOVES ninja turtles! Hoping to make it this week. I'm so glad you had the creative mind to make this! Thanks! :D

pie2010201111 months ago
That's awesome
sredmon1 year ago
I love your idea. very nice. =)
QSDR2 years ago
its quiet, yeah a little too quiet. totally bodacious.
leannadc2 years ago
Awesome! Thank you!! Wish I could afford to download the pattern, but lost my job so will have to see if I can do without will LOVE it! Merry Christmas:)
pie popper (author)  leannadc2 years ago
It's not too hard to do without it! And if you aren't confident with your own pattern, sew a simple hat with a cheaper cotton fabric first, so you know what you need to adjust on your pattern before you use the fleece :)
I'd love to see pictures when you're done! Thanks and Merry Christmas!!
hushpupi2 years ago
I made my own.
First time sewing anything ever.
Its not perfect, but im still proud
pie popper (author)  hushpupi2 years ago
That's great! Way to go, I promise the first time you do anything it's always a bit tricky. Do you have any pictures? =]
hose12093 years ago
do you have a print able patern? if so that would be awesome ishis thanks
2212blade3 years ago
SOOOOOOOOOO COOL! Great job on it. Hopefully making one this week!
kiayakidd774 years ago
i am sooo making one:)
Sunbanks4 years ago
You are the best! I love this :D
Meawsome4 years ago
could you explain this step for me :(
Meawsome4 years ago
I bet you could Make Accessories (teeth mohawk ect jut need some velcro) BD
Meawsome4 years ago
one word,"sweet"
StoryAddict4 years ago
LOVE it. I think I'm going to have to make one for sure. I'm also getting ideas how to make other characters using your guide as a stepping block. Thanks for sharing this idea. COWABUNGA!
pie popper (author)  StoryAddict4 years ago
I've made around five different hats using the same base. (Animals, characters, just 'normal' hats, etc.) (That's why you want to save the patterns you use!!)

It's just so hard to explain it again and again in an instructible. XD Otherwise I'd make them all into ibles.
Natasha Dee4 years ago
SOOOOOOOO want to make one for my husband! Maybe withought the braids.....
pie popper (author)  Natasha Dee4 years ago
You can just get like a two inch by 14 in piece of fleece, sew it together on one side, turn it right side out and tie a knot at the end. It's like the same thing but just green strings, no braids. :)
Chhany4 years ago
so I love this how much fleece do you think I need??
pie popper (author)  Chhany4 years ago
You shouldn't need too much, I've fit two hats in half a yard easily... I would get half a can always make another :)
NinjaToast4 years ago
Wow never knew how to braid before haha.
ahaygood4 years ago
I love it. This is totally going on my list of things that I really really really want to do but will probably never have time to get done! Great job.
kowabunga!!!! Excellent!!
jhd044 years ago
Wow, this rocks. I feel like I'm 6 years old again!
M.C. Langer4 years ago
I LOVE IT!!!! :-)
My son's bike helmet, the cover (Hot Wheels) just came off. This would be great as a replacement cover for the helmet.
mollycule4 years ago
Oh my gosh, this is genius! This is a really cool idea, and it looks like an easy to follow Instructable with nice pictures. Great job!
fozzy134 years ago
omg, awesomeness!! I love it : )
angelabchua4 years ago
This makes me crave pizza!
pie popper (author)  angelabchua4 years ago
Oh great. Now I'm craving it too!!! DX
seamster4 years ago
This is all kinds of awesome! One of my favorite instructables in a long time.

Very, very cool!
instruct394 years ago
i love the ninja turtles! and this hat!
Fretka4 years ago
Pretty cool. Looks great. But I don't think putting eyes on my head helps my image. =P You pull it off nicely, though.

Once I learn how to sew, do some basic projects, I'll then move on to this to further the skill. haha.
angelabchua4 years ago
poor splinter gets no love tho.
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