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This instructable will show you how to make the first piece of ninja armor. The arm bracer.
Sorry it's fuzzy. :9 My camera stinks!

Step 1: Step 1

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Start by pulling the handle out.
Then cut the PLASTIC paint can(found at Wallmart) at a slant like in the pic.

Step 2: Step 2

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now cut the top and bottom of the can off with shears(knifes work too but I kept slipping and slicing my finger open).

Step 3: Step3

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Now cut the other side of the can diagonally like a mirror image.

Step 4: Step 4

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To continue, drill holes about half an inch from the diagonal cut and about one inch apart from each other.

Step 5: Step 5

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Next trim any uneven places and thread a shoe string through the holes and your done!


Bisquick the ninja.


Jake_Makes (author)2014-08-29

I'll deffinetely be doing that, as soon as I find a plastic paint can. Unfortunetely my Dad only uses metal ones.

Dakota Joel98 (author)2014-08-02

Nicely done!

black hole (author)2012-01-02

If you want really strong protection, get some 3 mm steel plate. That'll stop a sword as well as any traditional Japanese armor. Anything thinner just won't cut it. (Pardon the pun) Once, while throwing my low quality, blunt Shaken, I missed the target and the shuriken punched almost 1/2" into a metal paint can. Needless to say, I would not want to have that can for my armor, although as voltan says, you could deflect rather than block.

chilbert007 (author)2010-02-26

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't be looking a block a sword with my arm bracer with metal or no. Granted, the option to do so is nice. Neat.

I agree with Voltan. One of my first improvised defensive measures would be arm guards and elbow pads. If possible, I might add shin guards. First reason, I'd be using cardboard in an emergency because it's common and light weight. Second, This is not 'great' but if I'm moving through rubble, I like the extra "cuts and bruises" protection. IF attacked, I'll be happy for any measure of defense, even it is cardboard vs skin.

voltan (author)chilbert0072010-02-28

You could slip some padding under the bracer and that would help.  Despite what the movies and video games show us, these are likely used to deflect rather than a straight block.  Pushing a blade to the side with a bracer is a lot safer than with a bare arm.  :)

nerd12 (author)2011-09-04

i have a good idea...
you could use the plastic as a base and cover the surface of it with leather so it looks really realistic.
you can stretch it over like a drum skin or glue it or both.

Air_Assassin (author)2010-12-23

If some one shoots you with something, Block their attack with the arm bracers and attack them by bashing the plastic at their face!!!

bowmaster (author)2008-11-28

I am working on a version of these that use leather and steel.

Sweet! Are you going to make an ibl?

Yes I will. All I need is a piece of med. weight leather that is big enough.

 google and see if there is a shop called Tandy Leather Factory in your area, and ask for armor grade leather.  works really well.  about 30$ for an entire hide.

tandy leather is amazing. Snag legitimate leather tools there as well, in case you are planning on using grommets etc.. I bought a leather punch from there, and some additional tools.. made my life a hell of a lot easier than using a hammer and nail, grommet punch, or a drill-bit to make holes for hand sewing. Tandy Leather Factory 100%.

I was just given an entire Kudu pelt for free. So excited..

Thanks, I had kinda forgotten this project, lol.

hobzez (author)2009-09-15

could you do the same thing for ur shins

ninja of suburbia (author)hobzez2010-09-13

absolutely. they are called greaves, and really help if someone is trying to chop your legs off.

greaves are for your thighs your boots should protect the shins although boots that high mean youd walk like a penguin

actually no, it depends on the length and type of your armor and boots. if you're wearing battle or war boots, then yes, the greaves would be worn that high. however, if you're wearing regular boots or sandals then no, they are worn for shins. however, if you are wearing sandals odds are you're a gladiator and are wearing an armored kilt. with regular boots, you would wear a full length armored tunic, such as chain maille or scale maille(awesome!). if you're wearing plate maille, well then it really doesn't matter.

hey did u know there was a kind of gladiator that went into battle nekked blindfolded?

YES! the only thing you have to do different is cut the corners off of the bigger end of the finished product. Something else you can do, is hot glue knee guards onto the outside of the front for added coolness!

cool2000 (author)2010-06-25

this would also be perfect for protecting your wrist while putting a arrow in the bull's eye as a ninga

SomaR10 (author)2009-03-01

What are you using

Plastic paint cans =9


altair ibn la ahad (author)2010-06-17

that must of hurt

snowbum14 (author)2010-02-26

You can make the same thing with 2 sheets of leather and a piece of sheet metal. The original use of the vambraces was to block strikes from samurai swords but this is a great way to practice making them GOOD JOB!

 yeah. actually, a layer of padding would work with only one layer of leather, but be sure to get armor-grade leather, its about 5/8 in thick.  however, you will need to replace them every once in a while.  steel or bronze bracers work the best, but really good ones are hard to make unless you have a good sized blacksmith's forge.

Apple_4_life (author)2010-03-28

 do the provide any protection from a crushing blow (from somthing like a bokken which doesnt really have a blade) or are these just ornamental?

If you put thin padding under them than yes even the plastic ones would work very well,  Metal works way better though!

 ok great, thanks

imthereal (author)2009-06-25

did you have to file down any sharp parts?

Yeah! Almost all the surfaces that I cut I had to file down so they didn't chafe.

notyouraveragejoe (author)2009-05-10

would this work with medal?

Yes Someone suggested sheet metal because it is still flexible but metal paint cans will work too. Just make a lip on the edges so they aren't sharp.

keep posting these, I want to be a ninja :)

masterj (author)2008-10-17

UM SO by mirror image when u cut in half if i lined up the can to where the lines line up from the side would they form an x or would they line up perfectly?

They line up but at an angle. " / "

Bisquick the ninja (author)2008-07-27

Heat stamping would be ideal! good thinking! Umm...What's metsubushi?

Metsubishi: Blinding technique ( learn to use the reply button )


Thanks, Np.

Mgillila25 (author)2008-07-02

that's really cool. Might I suggest using some super-thin sheet metal?

Yeah. Someone already said that! I wanted to work with what I had!

finfan7 (author)Mgillila252008-08-27

the best arrangement of materials would probably be leather coated in plastic coated in metal. They would be more comfortable with leather. They would be strong and less likely to crease if cored with plastic. and the metal outside would make them look very armourlike, add a tiny bit more protection, and if you used one of the embossing methods on here you could make them look very interesting.

shammallamaman (author)2008-08-21
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Bisquick the ninja (author)2008-08-09

If you make the larger part bigger than your arm you can hold knifes or other useful items in them!

bowmaster (author)2008-07-03

Do you need to take the paint out first?

skok (author)bowmaster2008-07-25

Keep paint in for use as metsubushi.. .

Rishnai (author)2008-07-22

Steel cans from canned food also work great as sheet stock for all sorts of things. I like your use of a plastic can, though. I see some potential for heat-stamping designs into it...

Bisquick the ninja (author)2008-07-18

No. But I think it would probably work better if you did.

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