ahhh, Childhood memories. If you have the bad habit to chew on your pencils or if you love old the old ninja turtles cartoon, this is an Instructables for you.

Step 1: What You Need

You don't even need talent.
All you need is pencils, green, orange and blue SUGRU and something to carve (an other pencil, a knife... anything pointy)

Step 2: SUGRU

Verify the expiration date of your sugru pack and open it with scissors. 

Step 3: Pencil

Choose your favourite pencil

Step 4: Make a Ball

Put SUGRU where the eraser should be.

Step 5: Shape

Flaten the top of the head and the sides. Leave more material in front for the mouth.

Step 6: Mouth

Mke a straignt line cutting all the way to the pencil.

Step 7: Mask

Roll a thin string of colored SUGRU (orange, blue)

Step 8: Middle

Squeeze the middle with your fingers.

Step 9: Instal

Put on the mark centered with the green head. 

Step 10: Eyes

Make two deep holes for the eyes

Step 11: Got the Shape?

You now have a very basic ninja turtle.

Step 12: Give It Caracter

each Ninja Turtle has its own personality, so shape an expression.

Step 13: Don't Waste SUGRU

If you don't use all the SUGRU you opened now, it will dry. Use the left overs to make more designs!

Step 14: Don't Forget Their Friends

The bad guy : Shredder
Soooo cute!!!!!!!! My brothers love ninja turtles!!!!
Clever idea!
I love ninja turtles<br>nice expressions<br>Welldone
Did you bite that pencil??!!??
Haha, it renders well the turtle's expressions!
Yay, Michelangelo!!!

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