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Introduction: Ninjato 2.0

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An old sword. This broke way back in the dark days of the Wooden Cores.

1) Cardboard
2) A flat wooden rod. The thinner the rod, the weaker, the thicker, the thicker the blade. I used one that was probably about five millimeters thick and a half an inch wide.
3) Foam of various sorts
4) Foam tape
5) Foil tape
6) Electrical tape
7) Duct tape
8) Lanyard thread
9) Masking tape
10) Regular tape
11) Double sided tape
12) A pencil and a pen that you shouldn't need

2.0 swords (this one included) are harder then the 1.0 and 3.0. However, they are much thinner then the 1.0, and look significantly better. In some cases. The long sword 1.0 is pretty regal, but maybe that's just nostalgia. It was Laertes's sword in our production of Hamlet. On the matter of plays, the 2.0s make better stage props: harder, slightly, but more realistic. The 1.0s are better for smacking people. If you want LARP swords that you can carve to look all fancy, try my first 3.0, the Dagger Spear.

As a last note, this is one of my many weapons that doesn't have a name. If you click on this and would like to help me pick one, post your idea in the comments! At the very least, please rate this. Suggestions are (as always) more then welcome.

UPDATE: This sword broke. Somebody stepped on the blade and it cracked off at the guard. I remade it and documented the remaking in a step by step instructable. Here it is: (that broke too)

 There is now an I'ble explaining my latest weapon making methods here.



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    Any chance of a ninja-to with a katana style blade? I think that kind of katana looks great but everyone just makes a ninja-to or regular round tsuba katana.

    Could you post a step by step of this? It looks really cool and I want one.

    2 replies

    I did actually make a step by step. It looks a little different because the sword you see in the pictures broke, and the one in the step by step is the fixed version. Here it is:

    There's an explanation on how this was made in the pictures, but I don't have any pictures of what this looked like while it was being made. This particular sword wont ever have an instructable, but in the future, there may be ninjatos like it that do. Sorry. I have other swords like this one that might give you a better idea of what sort of techniques I used to make it. If you have any specific questions as to how I made specific parts of this, I'm happy to answer them.

    FURTHER UPDATE: I have fixed the sword and am working on getting the instructable up right now.

    UPDATE: A few weeks ago someone stepped on the blade and cracked it clean in half right at the guard. I'm heading down to home depot soon to pick up more wooden rods, and I'll most likely put this sword back together. When I do, I'll post pictures so that people can have a better sense of how this is made.