In this Instructable, I'll walk you though my steps of completely re-working my Wii to fit inside an old-school NES case.

Several times in this Instructable, I'll be referencing the How-To: Make a Wii laptop page by Benjamin Heckendorn (thanks!).  He has some VERY good tips on complete Wii disassembly as well as de-soldering.

Here are the tools you'll need:
A Wii (duh!)
An original NES
Tri-wing screwdriver
Small Phillips screw driver
Soldering iron
De-soldering braid or de-soldering iron
Hot glue gun
Dremmel tool or drill with a fine tip drill bit (1/16" and large drill bit (5/16")
Wire (preferably multiple colors, I used 18AWG, but probably should have gone thinner in retrospect)
SD Reader you don't mind destroying (or SD port ordered online)
2 momentary switches (preferably 'micro' switches)

Step 1: Disclaimer

WARNING: This project will void your Wii warranty and there's a good possibility you can completely destroy the system!  DO NOT PROCEED UNLESS YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH THIS FACT!

I hold no responsibility for broken parts, things not working, damage to your console, or anything else should you attempt this project.

I consider myself to have great soldering skills, and have worked with small electronics (read in: 30AWG wiring) in the past.  If you are uncomfortable with [de]soldering fine electronics, I would recommend having someone else solder for you, or put this project off until your more familiar with this type of work.

*When I first started this project, I had no way to take pictures of my progress.  I will try to be as detailed as possible for the first few steps.
Dude, these are probably the worst instructions ... and the worst photos I've ever seen. Somebody needs to re-do this. Seriously.
Nice work, bad pictures, if you were to get better pictures I'd rate it 5 stars but since they're almost impossible to follow, 2 stars.
Thanks for the feedback! If I ever do this project for someone else, I'll get better pictures right from the start. I only had the camera on my phone when I did this.
ok you just reply back to me if you ever do ;)

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