Picture of Nintendo 3DS XL Leather Case
I wanted a simple case that was not too bulky that would just hold my Nintendo 3DS XL system. I got a new 3DS XL (Zelda Edition) and didn't want it to get scratched/dinged like my blue one. I used leather because I thought it looked cool and it would last. I carry around my 3DS alot for spotpass/street pass. Hope this comes in handy

Step 1: Get the Template and Tools

Picture of Get the Template and Tools
You will need a couple of things:

3ds XL (to shape and test the fit)
Punch tool
Piece of scrap wood
Piece of leather (Craft store, got mine at Hobby Lobby)
Round Leather Lace 2mm/2yrds (On A cord : 225441 - Got mine at Hobby Lobby)
Large Needle size of the Leather Lace
Snaps with snap tool


I thought that this was a really nice and stylish case but, I think what would of made it better would be if it was like a 3 flap case with small pouches to hold games. :)

Mielameri1 year ago
Fancy and stylish. Me gusta
BeavisChrist (author)  Mielameri1 year ago
Aww thank you :)