Picture of Nintendo 3DS XL Leather Case
I wanted a simple case that was not too bulky that would just hold my Nintendo 3DS XL system. I got a new 3DS XL (Zelda Edition) and didn't want it to get scratched/dinged like my blue one. I used leather because I thought it looked cool and it would last. I carry around my 3DS alot for spotpass/street pass. Hope this comes in handy
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Step 1: Get the Template and Tools

Picture of Get the Template and Tools
You will need a couple of things:

3ds XL (to shape and test the fit)
Punch tool
Piece of scrap wood
Piece of leather (Craft store, got mine at Hobby Lobby)
Round Leather Lace 2mm/2yrds (On A cord : 225441 - Got mine at Hobby Lobby)
Large Needle size of the Leather Lace
Snaps with snap tool

Step 2: Cut the Piece of leather

Picture of Cut the Piece of leather
Use the PDF templates to cut your peice of leather to size. I have created two versions, one that is for 8 1/2 x 11 print outs and one for 11 x 17. You will need to tape together the 8 1/2 x 11 as it will not fit on one sheet of paper. When I created the one in this example my piece of leather was not long as long as I wanted but it still worked. You will see on the PDF's that I have included the modification to make it have more slack for the snaps. If you want it like this example, just cut off the area that states for you to remove.

*NOTE* the holes will come in another step*

Step 3: Check Size

Picture of Check Size
*NOTE* the holes will come in another step*

Verify that the leather looks correct and trim any areas you fell are too long. Make sure to see if the leather wraps around the 3ds and doesn't have gaps or over laps, it should come together.

I thought that this was a really nice and stylish case but, I think what would of made it better would be if it was like a 3 flap case with small pouches to hold games. :)

Mielameri1 year ago
Fancy and stylish. Me gusta
BeavisChrist (author)  Mielameri1 year ago
Aww thank you :)